Bag of Randomness for the 18th of May 2016


  • I’ve been surprised at the kind of homework our kindergarten daughter brings home, last night, she had math word problems. Here’s a sample.
  • Mrs. Liberally Lean stated iconic Texas football coach Chuck Curtis died.  As the TCU starting quarterback he lead the school to a Southwest Conference championship and Cotton Bowl victory and then a drafted by the NY Giants which had Lombardi and Landry as assistant coaches. He became the athletic director my sophomore year and there was a lot of hype in town regarding his arrival.  I still remember his first speech to parents and he was certainly motivational. He stated how he wanted to start a winning tradition in Mineral Wells and call Austin at one minute after midnight to get the all clear to be the first on the field in Texas to start two-a-days. Yup, he wanted to practice at midnight and parents loved the idea of “First to practice to win first place in state”, or whatever the tagline was. Actually, I don’t think midnight practice ever happened. The coach he hired went through two, maybe three, winless seasons. That coach is now the athletic director at Abilene High. Curtis looked like a true Texan, and sounded what you’d imagine a Texas high school coach would sound like. Whenever something good happened on the field, in his booming voice, he’d yell, “Huhhhhhhhhh” with some kind of fist pump. One of my closest friends and I still yell that back and forth to each other today.
  • Star Telegram – Gold depository could soon be on its way to Texas – Plans for such a depository, where Texans could store their gold and precious metals, have been in the works since state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, R-Southlake, asked lawmakers to create the facility last year. Storage fees will be charged, perhaps generating revenue for the state. For instance, Texas pays about $1 million a year to store its gold in New York, and that revenue instead could come to Texas, state officials have said.
  • Google Express, and online shopping delivery service is coming to the TexasGoogle isn’t building its own fulfillment center. The Internet company will be using existing brick-and-mortar stores to deliver groceries and general merchandise to you. Google Express is heading to the Dallas area and throughout Texas in partnerships with Costco, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods Market. The service begins on June 1, and Google Express plans to cover the whole state.
  • Amazon Prime Launches One-Hour Restaurant Delivery in Dallas – I’ve got a friend that lives in Far Upper North Dallas who I’m sure will take advantage of this. Here’s a complete list of participating restaurants here.
  • Brazoria County, TX News – Father speaks of son, who was found decapitated – As if this isn’t grim enough, the head still has not been found.
  • Bloomberg – People Openly Sell Votes for $20 in the Dominican Republic
  • Bloomberg – Inside the Murdoch Makeover of National Geographic
  • Dallas Morning News digital readers will set limit on free articles – Less than two years after shutting down a short-lived paid website, The Dallas Morning News plans to again start charging digital readers for access to online content.
  • Google’s Echo competitor will reportedly be called Google HomeUnveiled tomorrow (today), released in the fall
  • This is really cool looking, it starts off meh and then it’s better – GIF – Time lapse of Neptune and it’s orbiting moons taken by Hubble – And here’s NASA details.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the 18th of May 2016

  1. Triple Fake says:

    Maybe that gal misunderstood why a guitar is called an axe?
    And based on the photo, I'd let her take a swing at me with a Gibson or Fender…no strings attached!

    Triple Fake Quickdraw "El KaBong" McGraw

  2. John Mackovic says:

    So did reading the article about the free article limit count toward my free article limit?

    Here's a hint – it's probably cookie-based, so just delete all of the cookies when you reach the limit. Or just open a new private window when going to

  3. Marcus Brody says:

    I don’t believe there is any area in DFW that is called Far Upper North Dallas.

    • John Mackovic says:

      Far Upper North Dallas = Southern Oklahoma

    • Geeding says:

      Oh, sure there is, you actually live there. To us common folk, it’s unknown. Far Upper North Dallas (FUND) is just very exclusive, more so than Fight Club, Skull & Bones, The Knights Templar, and Bananarama. My sources tell me “Eyes Wide Shut” was based on your life and residence.

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