Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 9, 2016

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  • MomGeeding and DadGeeding, circa 1990.
  • Saturday morning got off to a bad start. A little before 6:30 AM we were awakened by very loud banging sounds, as if someone was throwing a bunch of bricks into the back of a large metal disposal truck a few at a time. It turns out my neighbor who is about to move to California, hired a disposal company to remove a large number of bricks from his backyard, and the workers were tossing a few bricks at a time into their large metal disposal truck. The thought of walking over with my shotgun and informing them they were making an obscene amount of noise at an ungodly hour went through my mind.  Actually, I did walk over there with a very unpleasant look on my face and received several apologies, and they made it up to me by hauling off some junk I’ve been wanting to get rid of.
  • At BoyGeeding’s tee-ball game, he hit the ball and ran to first base. The next batter hit the ball towards first base. BoyGeeding, despite being the baserunner, fielded the ball, threw it to home, and then ran to second base.
  • On top of paying my plumber about $3,000 for the slab leak repair on Friday, I unexpectedly had to fork out another grand to my auto mechanic for some repairs. Man, last week was an expensive week.
  • For Mother’s Day, I took WifeGeeding and the kids out for a nice breakfast and then surprised them with a trip to King Spa and Sauna, a Korean-inspired bathhouse. The main reason I chose this place was because it has a large indoor swimming facility. While I swam and played with the kids, I scheduled a massage for WifeGeeding and gave her a chance to check out the numerous sauna, steam rooms, and other amenities. The goal was to give WifeGeeding a combination of both relaxation and family time.
  • The restaurant I took the family to gave all mothers a carnation, WifeGeeding’s least favorite flower. She actually despises them and asked that if she dies before me, that I do all I can in my power to make sure not a one of them appears at her funeral. We wondered how many non-mothers were given a carnation and if any awkwardness occurred.
  • However, her favorite flower is the tulip, which gives me reason to post this story – BBC – Culture – Tulip mania: The flowers that cost more than houses‏
  • WifeGeeding is a frequent user of local Wal-Mart’s curbside grocery service. When she used it yesterday, she got a Mother’s Day card signed by all the folks in the department, which she really appreciated. You don’t think of a Wal-Mart doing that sort of thing, usually, they get beat up for lack of service or professionalism and their customers are poked fun of, so I wanted to point out something nice.
  • In all serious, I heard the loudest thunder in my life last night.
  • NY Times – What Makes Texas Texas – People in this rapidly changing state believe their way of life is under attack, and they are making a kind of last stand by simply being Texan.
  • The most expensive house on the market in Texas is in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas – The house at 5950 Deloache Ave currently listed on the market for $28,500,000 has its own lake. The 15,254 square-foot house also has a spa, a billiard room and a library. In all, four bedrooms, six full bathrooms and five half bathrooms fit in the house that sits on an 8.99 acre lot.
  • The Wall Street Journal – Imagine Discovering That Your Teaching Assistant Really Is a RobotAt the Georgia Institute of Technology, a computer-science professor fooled his students with ‘Jill Watson’
  • Ontario man ordered to remove license plate deemed offensive by government – He’s had the personalized license plate “VI6SIX” for 15 years and it honors his father, but someone thought it read “666”.
  • Photo – @BeschlossDC – Nixon was 1st sitting POTUS to attend #KentuckyDerby, 1969, with future President Reagan & their wives:
  • Buzzfeed – A Man Who Was Trapped Under Thousands Of Tonnes Of Cheese For Eight Hours Walked Away Unharmed
  • GIF – Man sees his girlfriend survives a motorcycle crash‏
  • GIF – It doesn’t matter how your look, but sometimes you just gotta dance.
  • GIF – Don’t try to prank a Marine
  • Bride invites 60 needy kids and their families to her glitzy NY wedding reception after the ceremony was canceled when she refused to sign a prenup
  • Invictus Games article
    • The article states that in this picture, George W. Bush is standing next to Michelle Obama. At that angle, it doesn’t look like the former president (though I believe it is), but he does look much more like his father at that angle. There’s another picture of the former president in the article in which he looks very much like himself.
    • The U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps perform during the opening ceremony in colonial style or Revolutionary War uniforms. Maybe irony isn’t the right word, but with Prince Harry at the games that he founded, I wonder if he thinks about his late relative King George and the events with the colonies when he sees such an image.
  • Skydivers Play The Realest Game Of Quidditch Possible Without Magic
  • The Atlantic – How Capitalism Took Over Sports MoviesIn popular culture, businessmen and managers have ousted teams and players as dramatic heroes.
  • I don’t know the validity of this picture or story found on Reddit, but I thought it was nice – At the University of Northern Iowa, one student, out of 2,000, missed graduating with her class due to flight issues. Our President, Provost, and other staff and faculty offered to wait 45 minutes to give her a personal ceremony.
  • WifeGeeding and I got invited to the Rangers game tonight. We’ll be sitting a few rows up from behind home plate with my cousin and his fiance, so there’s no telling if I’ll post anything tomorrow morning.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 9, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    That NYTimes article was dumb. Apparently I act like a Texan because I don't like brown people.

    Of course that's W in the picture, Laura's right there next to him.

    That's a sweet picture of Mom & Dad Geeding.

  2. Ben W. says:

    We took my wife to Chuy's for Mother's Day lunch yesterday. They were giving moms little double-sided measuring cups (1 tbsp & 1 tsp) that said "You can't measure Mom's love" with the Chuy's logo. I thought it was cute, useful, different, and a good marketing bit. Kudos to whoever came up with that idea.

  3. Michael Willoughby says:

    The Dance gif link is a repeat of the motorcycle crash link.

  4. ALEC says:

    I'm with wife Geeding; in my culture carnations are synonymous with death.

  5. Triple Fake says:

    What I got from that Texas article was this: blah blah stereotype, blah blah stereotype, etc. If you think it can accurately be defined with those little thumbnail sketches, or is even in need of definition, then you really ain't from around here!
    Remember that other time when the phrases "under attack" and "last stand" were used while we were "simply being Texan"? (and ironically, most of them weren't born here!) Remember? Every Texan does. It's where simply being Texan was created.
    You can just take your microscope and your little academic exercise and move right along, mister new york Times journalist! You gotta be one to know what it is

    • Mr. Mike Honcho says:

      Yeah, call me biased, unfair, etc, but if you only came to the this state in 2011, (like the author of that piece did), then I am not sure you are well outfitted to describe Texas culture.

      Understand, there are NO original Texans. Everyone's mommy and daddy came to this state at one time or the other, even the natives before the Spanish. BUT… if you grew up here, you certainly "get" the culture. Seems perfectly normal.

      I think the other mark he missed was that the size of the state makes it both unique and diverse. There are many topics Texas is unified on. But many others that vary as you go to the different regions. Its an attribute that make Texas especially awesome.

  6. Bryan says:

    I had to read the t-ball story a couple of times for it to sink in. Thanks for making me laugh early this morning.

    Great pic of your parents.

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