Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 26, 2016


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  1. Anonymous?? says:

    The SNL article is interesting. Apart from the reasons given, I wonder if they're trying to drive up the price for commercial time by creating artificial scarcity? I guess instead of having 2-3 truly horrible sketches every week, now they'll have time for 3-4.

    I graduated law school in 2012, as the legal economy was just beginning to bounce back from the catastrophic employment results for the 2010 class (though the 2015 class is now facing even worse odds). I was fortunate to find a full-time job as an attorney, but I was definitely underemployed. I've since moved on and I'm in a good place now – but a lot of people I know can't say the same. I made the decision to go to law school before the economy tanked. If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn't make the same decision. The article nails it – six-figure debt combined with stifled earning potential = no bueno.

  2. triple Fake says:

    there's some value (no pun intended) in civil asset forfeiture, but it's in serious need of overhaul. Small-town cops are pumping huge amounts of money into their coffers even when no crime is committed, and that's criminal in itself. It's legalized theft!

    +1 on the horrible SNL sketches. It's been really lame lately unless they get a very good host who can take the lead on lots of skits, and that aint been happening much. Lorne needs to do some housecleaning. Or maybe Lorne is the problem?

    Junior O'Daniel: "Well, people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some."

  3. RPM says:

    Police are bigger thieves than the thieves:

    Between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized an estimated $12.6 billion in asset forfeiture cases. The growth rate during that time averaged +19.4% annually.

    In 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by +52.8% from 2009 and was six times greater than the total for 1989.

    Then by 2014, that number had ballooned to roughly $4.5 billion for the year, making this 35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 in a single year.

    Now, according to the FBI, the total amount of goods stolen by criminals in 2014 burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses. This means that the police are now taking more assets than the criminals.

    There is something seriously wrong with this country.

  4. John Mackovic says:

    So, did you splurge and spend the extra $1000?

  5. DF of LL says:

    RE: Unemployed lawyers

    Just remember, 50% of all doctors finished in the bottom half of their med class.

    Think about it.

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