Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 12, 2016


  • The hospitalized Wise County blogging lawyer posted a brief update on his status and even included a lovely lady of the day picture. Even though he won’t be updating every morning, that’s enough reason for me to stop posting my version of the lovely lady of the day.
  • I thought some of the dialog in the regulatory proceeding at the beginning of ‘Better Call Saul’ was a bit forced, but it still served up as great entertainment.
  • I mentioned my pastor was dedicating a couple of sermons about having a Christ-centered insight to elections. As I’ve stated before, he in no way endorsed any candidate or party. He did tell us that even though he prefers for a candidate to be a Christian, it’s not an absolute. Furthermore, he used an example that I often use, when my toilet breaks down, it doesn’t matter if the plumber is a Christian or not (though it would be nice), I just wanted my toilet fixed. I’m sure some folks think that is too simplistic of an example, but I think you get the overall point. He then lightly commented on the good and bad of having a Christian business directory. And in fairness to my pastor, I do an injustice summarizing these two things he stated when his sermon had a lot of breadth and depth. If you are interested, you can listen to the April 3 and April 10 sermons here.
  • If given the choice to see a dog hit in the face with a pipe wrench, I would rather not see such a thing. Ever. However, while browsing my Twitter feed yesterday, the Dallas Morning News embedded a GIF of said incident in this tweet. There was no need for them to embed such a horrible thing in a tweet, at least give the reader an option of viewing such a graphic indicate.
  • NY Times – Indiana State Trooper Is Fired for Proselytizing During Traffic Stops
  • Gizmodo – That Emoji Does Not Mean What You Think It Means
  • Buzzfeed – A Woman Stole A Ring From A Grandmother’s Open Casket in Odessa, TX
  • GIF for the ladies – Hot dad with works out with cute kids
  • Free food, more details at
    • Norma’s Cafe will celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day on Tuesday, April 12 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m by offering all dine-in guests a free classic grilled cheese sandwich at their Oak Cliff, North Dallas or Frisco locations.
    • Au Bon Pain Cafe Bakery – April 12th from 2PM-5PM – Free Iced Coffee or Iced Tea
    • Ben & Jerry’s – April 12th from 12PM-8PM – Free Cone Day – no purchase required
    • IHOP will have Kids Eat Free Dinners every night from April 11th – May 6th from 4pm-10pm
  • E.B. White – “But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
  • Navy’s Futuristic Destroyer is Apparently Too Stealthy
  • I was a big fan of NBC’s ‘The West Wing’ and now there’s a new podcast going through an episode a week which is hosted by former cast member Joshua Malina and film composer Hrishikesh Hirway. The most recent podcast (there has only been a total of three) had Dulé Hill (Charlie) as a guest to talk about his first appearance on the show. A few tidbits:
    • Lily Tomlin’s character, Deborah Fiderer, didn’t appear until the forth season. However, he character was mentioned in the third episode as the person that recommended Charlie to be the president’s assistant.
    • Some of this episode was created from leftover pages from The American President script, another Aaron Sorkin product.
    • Hill was only signed on for four episodes , after he was included as a regular in the first season (1999), he bought a BMW 6 Series. He still drives the car today.
    • The cast would get invited to certain high profile events in select Washington locations. The late John Spencer would always tell his fellow cast mates at these functions, “You wouldn’t get this sort of experience if you were on some cop show.”
    • When Martin Sheen first met Hill, Sheen taught him a handshake Laurence Fishburn taught him on the set of Apocalypse Now. They did the handshake all the time and whenever they reunite.
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  1. triple Fake says:

    re: casket thieving – check out the movie Flesh and Bone (1993). A mostly unknown Gwyneth Paltrow does this (and more) under the mentoring of a chillingly evil James Caan. It's scary knowing people like this really exist, and you could cross their paths at any time. Also stars Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, but as the reviewer notes on iMDb, he's playing against type, and she downplays the perky stuff. It was set and shot in Texas

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