Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 21, 2016


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  1. RPM says:

    I get that it was theft and wrong for the kids to seal a soda, but the cash value of the amount taken is absurd to arrest him for felony robbery.

    • triple Fake says:

      most of us did dumb stuff as kids. And most of us, when busted on it like this kid was, will take our lumps and perhaps get wiser and stop doing that dumb stuff. If he had dumped the drink he could have walked away. The absurdity is that he tried to brass it out AND keep the drink, then assault the manager with his car. If he had detained the kid inside the place and called the cops, they might have said "For a soda?! Get the !@#$ outta here!" I think the sum of his ramped up actions amounts to a felony
      Soda is a gateway drink. Next he'd be stealing six-packs of Keystone from the C-store. Sounds like they nipped it in the bud before he kills a liquor store clerk, while boosting a bottle of Rebel Yell

      • John Mackovic says:

        Yep, assaulting the store manager made it a felony and that's why he was arrested.

        Keith your description was wrong, he wasn't arrested for taking the soda, he was arrested _after_ taking it. Big difference.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    I have a feeling that the real-estate agent guy is going to be dead broke in the next five years.

    "$300 a month for Netflix, Pandora, Skype, subscriptions like that." What???

  3. mjtx says:

    Re 4 Men article: It is very interesting! I want to know how the realtor in Miami can pay $180 to the cleaning lady! I had my 2800 sq ft home cleaned bi-weekly for a while. It was $100 per cleaning. House cleaner was there maybe 4 hours and sat on the porch for a good hour per trip. References placed that company as one of the 'best in the area'.

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