Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 14, 2016


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  1. RPM says:

    A couple of years ago I saw the new Cadillac ATS-V in camo wrap driving around Breckenridge, Colorado. It was quite a strange look with the black and white swirled wrap and strapped on padding, but you could easily tell it was a Caddy by the grill. They spent a couple of days running up and down Hwy 9.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    – Star Trek Beyond must be a terrible movie if they're coming up with gimmicks to get people to see it.

    – Last night's game was a perfect way for Kobe to end his career – it was made all about him in a meaningless game. The greatest final game of all time was when Jordan beat the Jazz in the '98 finals – then he had to screw that up by un-retiring and playing for the Wizards. I love it when all-time-greats go out with a championship. (Coincidentally, David Robinson went out with a championship on a Steve Kerr team)

    – How do you watch so many shows the night they are aired yet still get to bed early?

  3. Ben W. says:

    I guess I'm confused by the proposed bill to require airlines to allow parents and kids to sit together for not additional cost. Is there some sort of fee for booking two seats next to each other? We generally fly Southwest, so I'm not sure how that works.

    The screen setup for Star Trek may be cool, if you look at it as just another way to experience a movie, not the future of the medium. For example, there's an attraction in the France Pavilion at Epcot (yes, I can always bring it back to Disney) that features a movie shown on three screens that covers about 220°. It's mostly shots of landscapes in France, and the added width really makes the scenery that much more impressive.

    But that film is a travelogue – I'm not sure how that expansiveness will translate to a film that's trying to drive a narrative storyline. I think it would make it easy to lose track of things, especially if the "side" screens are used as split screens with other characters/action. On the flip side, a 270° view of space will probably look pretty cool, too.

  4. Bryan says:

    The airline bill seems like a solution looking for a problem. I typically only fly Southwest or American and, even with American, it's never been an issue.

    • John Mackovic says:

      I had a problem once with AA. We bought four seats in a row for the family, but when we got to the airport, we discovered that they had moved two of the seats to a different part of the plane.

      When we complained to the agent at the counter, the response was something along the lines of "too bad, but we reserve the right to do this"

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