Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 11, 2016


  • Until Barry of comes back, I’ll be posting my version of the “Lovely Lady of the Day”.
  • As silly as Barry’s blog is, it is a popular part of Wise County and in its own way, a community service. Many residents start off their day reading his Random Thoughts posts, and when it’s not there, their mojo is thrown off and his readers naturally wonder about his well-being. Some of our shared readers have reached out to me and asked if I know anything, which is kind. However, no matter the state of affairs or what I may or may not know, this is a personal matter of the Green family and I’m going to respect their privacy, it’s their story to tell should they wish to share any of it.
  • I was going through some old stuff and found a battery-powered portable DVD player I gave MomGeeding when she was in the hospital, and it hasn’t been used since. I opened it up and to my amazement, it powered up. Keep in mind, this November is the tenth anniversary of her death. I can’t believe the battery had even a trickle of juice left.
  • I often dog Troy Aikman for being a stuff-shirt, but I have to give him credit for making this area home, embracing it, getting involved and giving back to it.
  • I also dogged the Masters last week but decided to give it a try after researching what would happen if Jordan Spieth won for a second consecutive year. Traditionally, the previous year champion will put the green jacket on the new champion, but who does the jacketing if the same person wins it consecutively? It has only happened three times. Two times, the Augusta Club Chairman did the honors, and the other time, Jack Nicklaus put it on himself. I further learned that the champion is the only one that is allowed to take his jacket off the grounds of Augusta National for the year, but when he returns, it goes back to his locker in the Champions locker room which is on the second floor of the clubhouse.
  • Seriously, I only watched a half hour and it was during Spieth’s meltdown. My younger self would have thought I jinxed him. Even though he was classy in defeat, I did get a kick out of his stare during the jacket ceremony. Those are some beady eyes.
  • Three Golfers Hit A Hole-In-One On The Same Hole At The Masters – There had only been 15 holes-in-one in the history of The Masters until yesterday whe three golfers earned that distinction on number 16.
  • I’m used to seeing panhandlers in Dallas, but for the first time saw them in Frisco, specifically at the Stonebriar Centre main exit. Speaking of malls, here’s a poorly titled Dallas Morning News article – Are these six D-FW malls in rapid decline or poised for reinvention? – I read it because I can literally see one of the malls in the distance from my backyard and was curious about its status, but the article doesn’t really provide any new information about any of the malls. Ridgmar Mall used to be “the mall” for us Mineral Wells folks, but as it declined Hulen started to become the “it mall”.
  • The Peeping Tom neighbor is about to move to California.
  • One segment on ’60 Minutes’ that caught my attention was how China has a 7,000-acre movie studio with every kind of set imaginable and is the largest in the world. They plan on becoming the new Hollywood by hiring a lot of actual Hollywood directors, producers, and actors. China actually only allows 34 foreign films a year, but Hollywood studios get around that by doing a lot of co-producing. Holly Williams was the correspondent, which was a bit of a surprise as I’m used to just seeing her delivering content from a war zone, and more surprisingly, she speaks Chinese and translated during an interview. And yet another surprise about her I learned last night, she grew up in Australia, since she worked for the BBC and Sky News, I thought she was English. Now I’m reminded of that Dumb and Dumber scene.
  • Before the start of the Duck Commander race at the Texas Motor Speedway, Phil Robertson lead the crowd in prayer and asked for a Christian to be put in the White House.
  • GIF – This little boy is going to have trust issues for the rest of his life.
  • Mark Hammil tweeted a playful picture of him and a current Star Wars costar. At first I didin’t get the obvious reference to Luke’s Jedi training.
  • T-Mobile should bring back the T-Mobile girl.
  • Ex-teacher accused of sex with students says one boy’s grades improved
  • We were running a bit late to BoyGeeding’s blastball (tee-ball) game on Saturday, and from the parking lot, I put him on my shoulders to get to the field a bit faster. He said, “Daddy, when I become a dad I’m going to put my son on my shoulders just like you!”  I wanted to stop and hug him right then and there.
  • A friend and loyal reader made a very detailed and informative post on his blog about adding solar panels to his house and all the research and cost that went into it. Two things stuck out: [1.] A company will look at satellite images of your house to see what direction it faces (south is preferred) and get an idea of space available on the roof. [2.] A certain amount of space has to be left between panels in case firefighters need to get on the roof.
  • NY Times – Egypt Gives Saudi Arabia 2 Islands in a Show of Gratitude
  • D Magazine is throwing a Newcomer Happy Hour event for anyone new to the area to welcome them and answer any questions.
  • Marvel vs. DC
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 11, 2016

  1. Bryan says:

    I certainly wasn't prying for any personal information about what was going on with Barry and I didn't expect anything in the way of details. His few posts that he made were odd and pretty concerning looking back now.

    I think you took up some more slack for him without realizing by posting about an "And Another".

    One of the things the mall article doesn't talk about is that indoor malls in general are a dying concept. The last new one opened in the US opened in 2006. There are several around this area that have shut down in the last 20 years. Ridgmar is an interesting one. It's been left for dead two different times only to be reinvented and revitalized: during the short time that Carswell AFB was to be closed and just prior to the recession in 2008.

    I'm not sure why the Duck Dynasty guy's prayer is making headlines. Didn't he do exactly what everyone would expect him to do? It was good for a few chuckles in the suite I was sitting in for the race. One of the other Duck Dynasty hillbillies introduces the top 10 starting drivers about 5 minutes before that and managed to mispronounce almost every name.

  2. DF of LL says:

    Minor update…there had been 15 holes in one on hole number 16 in Masters history. There have been other aces on the other 3 par 3's, like numbers 4, 6 and 12.

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