Kevin Spacey takes off ‘Spacey Facey’ mask, surprises Panthers fans

SUNRISE, Fla. — On a night that the Florida Panthers handed out cardboard cutouts of actor Keven Spacey’s face, the “House of Cards” star surprised fans by taking off his “Spacey Facey” mask as the video board camera panned around the stands.

The Academy Award-winning actor attended the game Saturday night in support of the Panthers, wearing a sweatshirt showing an image of his face.

It started as a joke a few months ago, when the Panthers issued a blue sweatshirt with “Spacey In Space” — his face floating in outer space — to the star of each winning game. After a win, that player would then hand the shirt off to someone else.

Spacey, an Oscar winner for “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” caught wind of it through social media. Whatever “Spacey In Space” means remains a mystery; players have kept their fascination with it a closely guarded inside joke.

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Spacey seems like a fun guy, here he last month surprising a film crew while driving by. I love the look on the crew member’s face when he realizes it’s Kevin Spacey.


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  1. Ben W. says:

    Spacey does seem like fun. He's also one of those people who just has a gift for impressions, which is astounding to me.

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