Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 8, 2016


  • WifeGeeding and I tried using a hoverboard for the first time yesterday. She got the hang of it in like ten seconds and in no time started to do tricks (90-seconds of her being goofy). I traveled about a good 18-inches before I called it a day.
  • I keep forgetting ‘Better Call Saul’ is on Monday nights, thank goodness for that auto-record feature.
  • I always get a kick how my kids eagerly run to things all the time, and I wonder at what age did I stop doing that myself.
  • It wasn’t until yesterday I learned that Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign was mocked. I was about seven years old when the campaign started, and from my perspective and memory, it had a real positive impact. Heck, I remember playing in the front yard one day with a friend when two guys in a Camaro stopped and asked if we wanted to try drugs that taste like candy.  We simply said, “No” and then replied back with the same one-word answer for all their other questions, even if didn’t actually answer what they were asking, all because of that campaign. Eventually, they drove off. Thankfully they never got out of their vehicle, but we kept a good distance nonetheless. I can still remember the weird mustache the guy in the passenger seat had.
  • I received the Hardin-Simmons alumni magazine in the mail yesterday. It’s already outdated as it provides an update on the presidential search committee when a new president was announced last month. However, it noted that a current student (a female at that), the student body president, was part of the committee. I wonder if that’s common for most universities to allow current students to be part of the process. And since when did they allow females in a leadership position? That’s a slippery slope they are taking. (Note: If there was such a thing as a sarcasm font, it would have been used in the last two sentences.)
  • A nugget from Peter King’s MMQB – “The University of Hartford has a basketball player named Pancake Thomas. His first name is actually Cleveland. But he got the name Pancake, he told the Hartford Courant, this way: “It was something to do with my mom’s pregnancy, when I was in her stomach. No one knew she was pregnant—nobody, at all, but my grandmother. My mom’s stomach at the time was flat, even when she was pregnant with me. So when they brought her to the hospital, my dad thought she was just having a stomach ache or something. But as he was parking the car, she was in labor. I was just a surprise baby. That’s why my grandmother called me Pancake.”
  • Modified all-electric Corvette claims new speed record of 186.8 mph – Reportedly the fastest for a street legal all-electric vehicle
  • Buzzfeed – 18 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Dating A Texan
  • Today’s dose of Texas license plates
  • Today’s does of Texas license plates II
  • Alaska Airlines is adjusting a plane’s flight plan so passengers can see today’s solar eclipse
  • Jalopnik – The Unlikely Story Of How This Ford Gave Birth To BMW M
  • The Guardian – A fifth of adults have forgotten how to do fractions or percentages
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 8, 2016

  1. John Mackovic says:

    I don't call all sodas 'coke'

  2. ReadngtnDude says:

    those guys in the car may have been as much looking to abduct kids as selling drugs. your story at least points in the direction.

  3. Bryan says:

    The cartoon at the top reminds me of Arrested Development and Tobias Funke calling himself an Analrapist (analyst and therapist).

  4. Neighbor Payne says:

    How much is a fifth?

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