Bag of Randomness for Thursday, March 24, 2016

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  • When DaughterGeeding came home from school yesterday she rushed upstairs to my home office and excitedly showed me that she lost her first tooth. I was actually a bit sad, melancholy I guess. That darn girl is growing up on me, faster than I’d like. Before bedtime, she was telling me and her mother how she couldn’t wait to put her tooth under her pillow to see what the tooth fairy would bring. She then followed that up with a whisper, “But I really know it’s just you, Mom and Dad.”
  • BoyGeeding had his second blastball (tee-ball) practice yesterday. Last week just focused on baserunning, this week he learned how to scoop up a grounder and took his first swing at the tee. His father never had any formalized coaching when it came to anything baseball related, so I’m learning a few things myself. Parents were asked to participate helping the kids learn how to scoop up the ball. I jokingly told WifeGeeding that I didn’t want to, there was a reason why I’m paying for someone else to play with our kid. I could tell some parents were getting frustrated with their child not getting in front of the ball, scooping it up properly, or being able to throw it back. My approach was just to work on the bare basics and make sure BoyGeeding was having fun but paying attention.
  • GeedingManor got pounded by marble-sized hail last night, though a neighbor tweeted a picture of some near golfball size. Roofers will be knocking on our neighborhood doors non-stop for the next few weeks.
  • WifeGeeding’s nephew’s birthday is approaching and he wants one of those LED adhesive strips that you can plug in and attach to a surface and change it to any color you want by remote. I started a search for “LED strip” on a few merchant websites and was surprised at some of the results. I didn’t consider “strip” could possibly result in some mature content. Oy vey. Que sera, sera.
  • I like my chiropractor and have seen her only a few times this year. When I check out, she always tells me her billing person is behind and not to worry about anything and I just go ahead and pay my copay. But yesterday I got the bill in the mail from her, the first one all year, and she handwrote and signed, “Please send payment ASAP.”
  • Prairie View women’s coach fired for kicking off players for dating – Brown removed two of her players during the season for dating each other. Brown’s rule stated that players may not have non-professional relationship with each other, coaches, managers, trainers or any others affiliated with the team.
  • Man Invents Biodegradable Algae Water Bottles As A Green Alternative To Plastic – It keeps its shape until it’s empty and then it begins to decompose.
  • Buzzfeed – Obama Does The Tango In Argentina – CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller posted this image after the president’s tango, in which he says the dancer is reassuring First Lady Michelle Obama that it “was just a dance.” But she didn’t sit on the sidelines. Michelle Obama strutted her stuff on the dance floor, too
  • This is the look of a man enjoying retirement – Buzzfeed – David Letterman Is Bald, Bearded, And Happy As Hell
  • Buzzfeed – Drive-Thru Baristas Pray With A Woman Who Just Lost Her Husband And It’ll Make You Weep
  • The war on Christmas starts early in Nebraska  – Millard school board member wants winter break called Christmas break, says atheists who disagree can ‘crawl back into their hellhole’
  • North Carolina news – Man arrested for not returning ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ VHS from 2002
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! (Image, language warning)
  • Whenever I hear a celebrity is about to become a parent for the first time, I often wonder what that experience must be like not having to worry one iota about finances regarding health care, day to day living, college, and retirement.
  • Read this as Maxwell Smart would say this, “Missed it by ONE block.” – Company tears down wrong tornado-damaged home in Rowlett
  • I had no idea they had a luxury brand – Hyundai’s upstart luxury brand Genesis — think Lexus to Toyota or Acura to Honda — has unveiled its next car. It’s a sports sedan called the New York Concept and, refreshingly, it actually looks rather special. – That’s one funky looking steering wheel that will never make it to market.
  • Less than 1% of users are keeping the entire mobile game industry afloat
  • The Trucker Chapel photo caught my attention – The Winners of the Smithsonian Magazine’s 2015 Photo Contest
  • Today is Maundy Thursday, and in case you ever wondered what it is, it focuses on two important events that occurred the day before Jesus’ crucifixion:
    First, Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and thereby instituted the Lord’s Supper, also called Communion (Luke 22:19-20). Some Christian churches observe a special Communion service on Maundy Thursday in memory of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. Second, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an act of humility and service, thereby setting an example that we should love and serve one another in humility (John 13:3-17). Some Christian churches observe a foot-washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday to commemorate Jesus’ washing the feet of the disciples.The word Maundy is derived from the Latin word for “command.” The “Maundy” in “Maundy Thursday” refers to the command Jesus gave to the disciples at the Last Supper, that they should love and serve one another.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, March 24, 2016

  1. RPM says:

    Lots of LED stores on the North end of Harry Hines where all the wholesale places are. I've been in a couple of them looking for LED fog/driving lights, but all I found was indoor lighting.

    Dave certainly looks happy. Good for him.

    This "war on Christmas" stuff is beyond silly. I wonder how those would feel if they named it Hannukah break. When will people finally understand that their religion isn't the only religion?

  2. gem says:

    re: John 13: 3-17. Somehow I can't see Trump washing someone's feet as an act of humility and service.

  3. Ben W. says:

    I grew up in a church that held an annual footwashing & communion service, but it was always on New Years Eve as a way to consecrate yourself for the new year and to serve as a reminder to keep a servant's spirit in the coming year. In reality, at least for me as a kid, it was just gross. Want to teach a 12-yr-old kid about the teachings of Jesus? The best way probably isn't making him wash the gnarly, nasty feet of some 80-yr-old usher.

    Good for Dave. I saw an interview in an article where he essentially said that, with the luxury of stepping away and getting some perspective, he realized that what he was doing on the show wasn't world-changing, that it was entertainment, and that he had some satisfaction in being out of that whirlwind. I hope his retirement is a good one.

  4. AndreaJN says:

    That picture is hilarious!

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