Bag of Randomness for St. Patrick’s Day 2016


  • I love the water bottle in that comic.
  • BoyGeeding had his first blastball practice yesterday, which is a simplified version of t-ball. Or if you think the world is evolving towards idiocracy, the future of baseball. Actually, I read somewhere a scene that didn’t make it into the movie Idiocracy was of one of baseball being so simplified it only had one base.
  • There’s absolutely no way I could ever coach a team of kids that young. I can deal with my kids, but I can’t deal with other people’s kids.
  • On an internal government website, I had to select a security question and provide an answer. One question was, “Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?”
  • That same government website asked for my Selective Service registration number. Uh, I have no idea, but I did tweet my grandfather’s the other day which he signed in 1917, the year the department was created.
  • With my new position at work, I’ve been working longer hours, and the desire to blog and the quality of my posts have suffered. Sorry.
  • Audition for Shark Tank in Dallas This Saturday
  • Last month I mentioned I bought some of Cumulus Media stock (owner of The TICKET) since it was hovering around a quarter, just for the heck of it. Yesterday it closed at $0.568. But there is no retirement for me as I didn’t buy many shares.
  • Nike will sell actual self-lacing sneakers, just like Back to the Future
  • Map – Where ‘Anglos’ are the Minority – The most-recent population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that non-Hispanic whites (or “Anglos,” as my Texas friends call them) are the minority in more than 364 counties. There are 151 that don’t have a single racial or ethnic group in the majority, making them the country’s most-diverse places.
  • Frank Sinatra Jr died yesterday, which made me think of his father who was buried with a roll of dimes in his pocketThe kidnappers demanded that all communication be conducted by payphone. During these conversations, Frank Sr. became concerned he would not have enough change. This prompted Frank Sr. to carry a roll of dimes (10 cent coins) with him at all times for the rest of his life; he was even buried with 10 dimes in his pocket.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for St. Patrick’s Day 2016

  1. Jason Truitt says:

    Baseball with one base? We call that cricket.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    – We're supposed to use our Selective Service number for something? I don't even know to go about finding mine.

    – I don't think the quality of your posts have suffered, we don't need TODAY'S DOSE OF 'MURICA! every day.

  3. kimmydoodle says:

    "if you think the world is evolving towards idiocracy,"…, yeah Keith, I do. Ages ago I sent you a Christmas present, with all kinds of pictures of dogs and stuff on the box. It contained a decorated Oriental egg. I've since turned atheist. I started off being a member of the Church of Christ, and then I turned agnostic. Eventually my son, (who I sent to a private Catholic school and many, many Baptist and other such evangelical churches, (so that he could get his own grip on what this religious stuff was all about), told me to suck it up and be what I needed to be, which was an atheist, and now I am one! He's an atheist too. There is no God. Give it a try – freedom from religion is a wonderful thing – I've always noted that you seem so uptight, and that's not good. If nothing else, support the cause to make such false churches pay taxes. There are so, so many charlatans fleecing their flock.

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