Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 7, 2016


  • Against my will, I was forced to eat a Cici’s yesterday and the Michael Bolton (you know, that no-talent a– clown) song “How Can We Be Lovers If We Can’t Be Friends” started to play. That might have been the first time I heard the song this century.
  • I’ve got a sinus infection (’tis the season) and part of the routine is taking Mucinex D. I’ve always taken two tablets per dose for as long as I can recall; but yesterday, for some reason, I actually read the directions and shockingly discovered I should have been taking only one tablet at a time.
  • Tuesday should be a bit of a reprieve for local allergy sufferers. If you scroll to the bottom, it will list the five best and worst cities for allergy sufferers. The five worst for yesterday were Tampa, FL, Abilene, TX, Lorado, TX, Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth, TX.
  • I mowed for the first time this year over the weekend.
  • I’m still having trouble waking up early, but doing so this weekend allowed me to take the family out for early breakfast each day, and it was fantastic.
  • One of my neighbors owns a countertop business. In exchange for watching his black lab for three nights when he and his family live it up in Vegas, he’s going to install a granite countertop in the kids bathroom. I think I’ve come out ahead in that deal.
  • The ‘Mythbusters’ series finale and reunion show was much better than I expected. One thing I appreciated about the reunion show was they talked about all the lame myths the really didn’t want to do but were forced to for one reason or another. I also learned that a candy bar has more energy in it than a stick of dynamite; however, the energy in the candy bar is distributed very slowly over a long period of time and the dynamite’s energy is distributed in a flash.
  • I bought new socks. I love the feel of wearing new socks.
  • This weekend was so packed I didn’t get a chance to watch even one episode of the new season of ‘House of Cards’.
  • WifeGeeding was happy with the ‘Downton Abbey’ series finale.
  • I’ve often heard of the statistic that a surviving spouse lives on average two years, sooner if their love or bond was quite strong. Heck, I think I first heard of it after Pat Nixon died, with my mother and father saying that there’s no way the former president would live past two years. He died ten months later. With that in mind, I thought Nancy Reagan would have died within that time frame, especially seeing how she publically mourned after her husband’s death.
  • He did the math – YouTube – How Many People Are Left Alive in The Walking Dead Universe? – In short, 382,885 humans are still living.
  • Flavor Flav delivered the Salt Lake City weather for their local Fox affiliate recently. Oh, and he helped with a pet segment.
  • ‘Joe the Plumber’ praises Trump, cites his ‘beautiful women’ – “He’s a winner. He’s made billions. He’s dated beautiful women. His wife is a model. That’s not to sniff at. And a lot of people believe he can bring that kind of success to the White House.”
  • Buzzfeed – Someone Showed Up To A Trump Rally Dressed As The Wall He’s Proposing To Build
  • Buzzfeed – These Firefighters Say They Were Suspended For Rushing A Sick Toddler To HospitalThe duo has been accused of violating protocol because they didn’t wait for an ambulance to arrive.
  • DaughterGeeding learned to tie shoes this weekend, and once she mastered it, looked for every opportunity to tie our shoes, even if it meant “accidentally” untying them.
  • Business Insider – The 20 cities where Americans work the hardest – Local cities on the list: Garland, Irving, Plano
  • – Navy Loosens Body Fat Rules to Retain Sailors – The service branch loosened its body fat restrictions in January and is allowing those who failed their exams three or more times to get one more opportunity to be tested this spring under the more lenient guidelines. The Navy said it has been losing too many talented sailors. Some were resorting to liposuction, diet pills and other measures to save their careers.
  • This Amazing Fan Film Showcases All The Things We Love About Darth Maul
  • Wired – The Force Awakens And A New Hope Are More Similar Than You Think – …so he sought out character comparison data by scraping the scripts of both films to determine the number of scenes in which various characters appear, then tallied how often they interact with other characters.
  • Inventor of email and savior of the @ sign, Ray Tomlinson, is dead at 74
  • GIF – This dog really doesn’t like the taste of a lime.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 7, 2016

  1. kevin says:

    Spouse death observation after the first one dies mostly only works when the wife dies first. The male will then more often than not die in a surisingly short matter of time.

  2. Jason H.G. Truitt says:

    "I think I’ve come out ahead in that deal."

    Until Wife Geeding starts thinking how nice it would be if the kitchen counters looked like the bathroom counter…

    The Star Wars movies aren't more similar than I think–I've said since about an hour into that movie that JJ Abrams did nothing more than pirate themes from previous movies. Visually, it was great. But overall, it was worse than Jar Jar Binks.

  3. Larry says:

    There is already some type of wall along a lot of the southern Texas border with Mexico. I have a few pictures of a very tall metal fence near Brownsville. And there is a wall in El Paso, too. I don't understand the fuss.

    I would think more body fat would help sailors float if they fell overboard.

    • Geeding says:

      I don't think most folks are upset with walls along certain parts of the border, but I think the fuss is Trump's plan to build a 2,000 mile wall from Texas to California.

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