Bag of Randomness for Friday, March 11, 2016


  • I’ve got a new obscure hobby that I’ll go into further detail about later, but it’s collecting vintage postcards from my hometown of Mineral Wells. It’s been really fun and most purchases are only a buck or two on eBay. However, while looking for those items, I ran across this one which made me raise an eyebrow – Dallas, Texas Postcard Lee Harvey Oswald at State Fair Park Wax Museum c1965
  • On last night’s ‘Late Show’, Stephen Colbert went home to South Carolina and interviewed his favorite elementary school teacher from his youth in her classroom.
  • Buzzfeed – Syrian Refugees Had To Share A Hotel With A Furry Convention And The Photos Are Wild
  • A statistical look at people that never marry.
  • Buzzfeed – Men Are Having Baby Showers And Calling Them Dadchelor Parties
  • Buzzfeed – Watching This Dog Reunite With Her Lost Puppies Will Make You Sob Like A Baby
  • Google has a new travel planner aimed for the mobile user – Destinations on Google, that touches on almost every aspect of a vacation, from research to flight selection, hotel booking and itinerary planning. Destinations does not offer off-the-beaten-path guides or exclusive information that can’t be found elsewhere on the web. Rather, it’s meant to make researching and planning a trip on a mobile phone (typically a clumsy experience) more intuitive and productive for the occasional traveler by delivering good-quality basic information.
  • The Robots Sent Into Fukushima Have ‘Died’‏ – But as soon as they get close to the reactors, the radiation destroys their wiring and renders them useless, causing long delays, Masuda said.
  • IHOP waiter arrested, accused of giving away $3K in free drinks
  • I find Anna Kendrick exceptionally adorable.
  • As a fan of space exploration, I love this poster which illustrates every successful orbiter, lander, rover, flyby, and impactor with their trajectory. It’s the trajectory that really interests me. All of the math and physics involved with the planning of the rotation of each planet and object and their orbit is mind boggling, and this gives you a sense of it.
  • Jeep stuffed a 707-horsepower engine in a Wrangler, just for fun – Jeep borrowed the 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine — which makes 707-horsepower — from Dodge and stuffed it into a Jeep Wrangler. It took sport seats from a Viper, and added 39.5-inch BFGoodrich off-road tires and massive axles and shocks.
  • Brent Musburger (whose middle name is Woody, btw) was in Waco yesterday, but is today’s first dose of ‘MURICA! with that tie.
  • This kid made chose wisely and is today’s second dose of ‘MURICA!.
  • The Constitution has been successfully amended 27 times but has been attempted to be amended roughly 11,000. The National Archives is celebrating the 225th anniversary of the first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, with a new exhibit, and highlighting some of the most interesting failed amended attempts. (Personally, I’m still shocked that prohibition actually happened.) Here are some examples:
    • Another failed proposal, in 1846, called for presidential election via a lottery system. It called for each state to select its own presidential candidate. Then the name of each state would be written on balls equal to the number of congressmen from that state. One ball would be picked at random, and the candidate from that state would become president.
    • An 1860 proposal would have abolished the presidency outright and replaced it with an executive council.
    • An 1893 suggestion would have renamed the country the “United States of the World.” Another in 1866 would have changed the name to “America.”
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