Nurses talk about patients last words

#LastWords is a film made for the Indian Association of Palliative Care. Palliative care or end of days care is an alien concept in India with just 1 in 100 patients in need actually getting it. Awareness about this stream is the biggest hurdle and this film is an earnest attempt to bridge this gap and popularise palliative care. The film draws insight from nurses, who happen to be majority who hear the last words of dying patients, rather than their family members. When nurses across India recount the last words they have heard, it not just leaves a lump in the throat, but raises the all- important question-do not the dying deserve dignity? Should not the quality of death be as important as the quality of life? The end is a new beginning in this direction.

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  1. ALEC says:

    My mother in her last days was at a hospice. Those places and the people who work there are God sent. The professionalism, affection, understanding care that my family received was top notch. My mother died a dignified death without pain. We were very fortunate.

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