Jesus Quotes the Candidates

God is an important part of this primary election. Most all of the candidates go out of their way to talk about the Bible and their faith. So we thought it would be interesting to take real quotes from the primary candidates and have them come from the mouth of Jesus.

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4 Responses to Jesus Quotes the Candidates

  1. Jason says:

    I really really really really wish I had put in the time it took to finish writing my book on Jesus coming back and running for president. Some of Ted Cruz's stump speeches are straight out of the parody I wrote with him in mind.

  2. Dale Patterson says:

    Too good! Thanks. I've been trying to think this way throughout the forever-campaign–how does being a Christ-follower affect my listening and thinking about this campaigning?

  3. Larry says:

    I would like to see it from the democratic candidates side as well. Abortion being the one that could never be explained to me as to how it can be tolerated as a birth control method.

    Funny how the left attacks Christians but then uses Jesus to get a point across.

    • KnowWhatNot says:

      I'll agree this parody is pretty one sided, but it's solid. For one, you really one have two Democratic candidates compared to many Republican candidates, so there's definitely more material. The GOP aggressively courts the Christian vote and overtly profess their Christian faith, so they make more Christian references and many claim it to be the party of Christ. You're not going to see that out of a Jewish candidate or Hillary. Regarding abortion, most liberals aren't for using abortion for birth control, though no doubt, many sadly resort to that action. For them, it's two part, it's the right for a woman to choose (for the sake of condensing my reply I won't expand on the valid argument about the right of the father or the fetus) and what they consider the overall problem – reducing unwanted pregnancies that they believe can be solved through proper education and accessibility to birth control. There's certainly hypocrisy on the Left as well, no doubting that.

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