Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February 3, 2016


  • This could be short, I plan on going to bed early and waking up before dawn to catch all those after-Groundhog Day sales.
  • Speaking of shopping, I had a bad experience yesterday. There was a particular item on Wal-Mart’s website that was heavily discounted, something for BoyGeeding’s upcoming birthday, and I decided to pull the trigger. When I got the confirmation email, I noticed the shipping address was slightly off. The first line of the addess was correct, but for some reason there was also another street address on the second address line and the city was Houston and a different ZIP code. The addressed ended up being some rundown nail salon in a strip mall in southeast Houston. That’s a clever way to hack an account. Most people (I’m guessing), such as myself, just check to see if the first line of the shipping address is correct if it’s saved in your profile, and if so, just assume the rest is going to be correct and proceed with the order. I tried to check out the shipping address section of my account, but the page would just hang and never displayed anything, so I gave them a call and had to wait for a 25-minutes just to talk to someone. They really didn’t do anything but cancel the order and reset my password. As a practice, I don’t store my credit or debit cards on any company’s website, so at least that’s one tiny advantage, but I’m still going to be monitoring them like all get out. And, when I place an order, I’m going to make sure ALL of my address is correct instead of just skimming the first address line.
  • Last year WifeGeeding contested our property taxes simply by filling out an online form that took less than five minutes. That resulted in a refund in our escrow account which ended up working as a credit in our automobile policy. The credit was enough to cover two payments.
  • Edward Snowden via Twitter made a funny point about how a coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa – “It turns out money decides elections after all. “
  • Texas Wesleyan hasn’t had a football team since 1941, but that might change.
  • @LettersOfNote – Jim Henson sending an early Labyrinth script to Bowie
  • Mental Floss – 11 Famous Mayflower Descendants – Five presidents and the first American in space.
  • GIF – What’s that in the middle of the road?
  • Popular Mechanics – Up Close and Personal With the Restoration of Star Trek’s Original EnterpriseThe ship seen in every episode of the original series is undergoing a painstaking restoration from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
  • Texas woman wins multi-million dollar lawsuit over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – An Arlington elementary school teacher will receive $11.5 million from the publisher of “Fifty Shades of Grey” as the result of a royalty dispute.
  • America’s largest cross begins construction in Corpus Christi, Texas – A message from Governor Greg Abbott in support of the cross was read by Representative Todd Hunter. Eventually there will be a 210 feet tall (about 19 stories) cross on that plot of land for all to see. It will be visible to planes flying into Corpus Christi International Airport and be able to seen five miles away by land and double that by air. Milby has said the price tag for the cross should be $1 million, of which over $142,000 has already been collected.
  • Study Determines DFW Has Greatest Population Of Men Enduring A ‘Midlife Crisis’
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February 3, 2016

  1. RPM says:

    I had one of my cards hacked and they bought a bunch of drones in Chicago with it. I kind of felt like those old commercials with crackheads living large in their backyard speaking in grandpa's voice (and his credit card paying for it). Luckily I caught it when UPS sent me a shipping redirect and was able to stop the shipment and cancel the card before they received the product. Oddly, that credit card's fraud department never caught it even though they would deny me buying gas in Abilene or Wichita Falls without a call.

    I protested the valuation on my mineral properties a couple years ago and was sent a ream of paperwork from a firm in Dallas that I had to disprove. When I argued to the Chief Appraiser about the huge discrepancy between the valuation and what I actually made, he told me it wasn't the Appraisal District's fault the property didn't produce everything it was capable of and I was free to sell my mineral rights. He just happened to have a list of people for me to choose from. Yeah… no.

    I'm sure the valuation will take a sharp drop with the low oil price today… not.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    The guy who wrote about the Mayflower descendants can't count. 🙂

  3. Ben W. says:

    I kind of want the backstory on a tiger in the middle of a snowy road. Russia? Feels like Russia.

    One of my law-school classmates worked on that 50 Shades case, representing the Arlington teacher. He said he felt like they were bound to win all along.

    $1M on a cross that can be seen from an airplane? Pretty sure that's what Jesus would do.

    • Jason H.G. Truitt says:

      I'm thinking India. And tigers scare the crap out of me. I think I could handle a lion or a bear, and I even have a bear contingency plan when hiking in bear-prone areas, but I think I'd be dead if a tiger came after me.

  4. towski says:

    I know I do not qualify as famous, but I too am a Mayflower descendant. My 11th great grandfather, Edward Fuller, was on the Mayflower and signed the Mayflower Compact. (And, of course, his son Samuell was my 10th gg, and was also on the Mayflower.

  5. John Mackovic says:

    Thanks to the power of exponents, there are probably millions of Mayflower descendants.
    (100 pilgrims x 3 kids/generation ^ 11 generations = roughly 17 million. And if you count the 10th _and_ 11th generations, you are up to 23 million.

    Reminds me of something I read a while back about how more than half of all people of European descent are descendants of Charlemagne.

    • Jason H.G. Truitt says:

      Yeah, well, I'm from five generations of white trash, but can trace my roots back to Adam & Even thanks to Genesis.

    • towski says:

      Oh for sure. I only know about mine because my grandfather got super into genealogy at one point.

  6. Bryan says:

    I was only paying half attention last night, but I think Trevor Noah also made the "money decides elections" joke on The Daily Show.

    I want someone to show me the verse in the Bible where Jesus said "feed the hungry", "help the poor", "take care of the sick", and "build a monument to me that you can see from 5 miles away".

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