Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 19, 2016


  • I’m almost finished with the laundry room project. Yesterday I focused on floor boards, and those darn miter or angled cuts got the best of me at times because what looks like a right corner in GeedingManor isn’t exactly 90 degree.
  • Every now and then I let the kids put shaving cream on my face before I shave, they really seem to get a kick out it.
  • Jon Stewart is off the air, but per this article, the person most similar to him is Seth Meyers of all people. I’d give him a chance, but ever since Stewart and Letterman left the air, I actually go to bed earlier.
  • Donald J. Trump – “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.” I know the Pope isn’t a U.S. citizen, but I would think all leaders of a democracy would agree that everyone should have the right to free speech; though I’m not sure why the Pope made the statement. Second, and I say a lot of the following in jest, but this proves Trump isn’t a practicing church going Christian because that’s all Christian leaders do, question other people’s faith. Over the last eight years, we’ve heard the likes of Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Mike Huckabee, Pat Robertson question the current president’s faith all the time. And it’s a part of evangelism, per my past, you gotta witness and get people saved, and to do so, you have to find out if they follow Jesus or not.
  • Someone left a comment regarding the performance review story I linked to yesterday, and I have to agree with him for the most part. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of me writing my own review only for my manager to approve, leaving him little work to do and taking valuable time away from the job I was hired to perform. On top of that, sometimes it would take four to six hours of work to complete the performance review because it had to meet certain objectives and criteria and a particular format.
  • A copy of the report is viewable in the link – Staff members at a Delaware elementary school are apologizing after a sarcastic “Hurt Feelings Report” was accidentally sent to parents.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • The footage of that helicopter crashing into the ocean in Hawaii was insane.
  • Buzzfeed – America’s Biggest Meat Producer Averages One Amputation Per Month – Turning chickens into chicken nuggets can be a rough business. A new OSHA report lists the fingers and other body parts lost in meat factories.
  • This Australian city has a tumbleweed problem.
  • Imgur – One heck of a wedding reception entrance
  • Laughing Squid – Modern day wedding cake topper
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 19, 2016

  1. ALEC says:

    The Pope's words were so full of hypocrisy; where do you start? The fence between U.S. and Mexico? The Vatican has a wall all around it, full of armed guards and bodyguards to protect Mr. holiness. The Vatican does not disclose any of it's finances, estimates are that the Vatican, although one of the smallest countries in the world, it's also one of the richest, it fills it's coffers full of gold, while telling people in Africa and Latin America that using birth control is a sin. Yet, one more reason I left the Catholic church long ago. BTW the Pope is just a man, right?

  2. Ben W. says:

    Seth Meyers' show is very good, up until the celeb interviews start. (Those are always my least-favorite part of a late-night show anyway, though.) As my wife so succinctly put it, his "monologue" is essentially Weekend Update, every night. For me, it's like a cross between Weekend Update and what John Oliver is doing. Do yourself a favor and record a week or so of episodes, and just watch the first 20 minutes or so. It's smart and funny.

    Here's the larger problem that I see out of the Trump/Pope brouhaha – the Pope has a negligible effect on the election. If Trump can't let comments from the Pope go without going in to a full-court attack (how else would you describe the statement "when ISIS attacks the Vatican, the Pope will wish I was President"), how is Trump going to handle any foreign relations? International diplomacy simply does not work the way that corporate transactions do, and bullying your opponent does not incentivize them to work with you.

    As for the "not a Christian" part, I agree with your statements 100%. I have thoughts about how anyone who professes to be Christian could, if those principles guide your life, claim to vote for several of the leading candidates based on those principles. But that's a rant for another time and place.

    It's 8:27 a.m. I would eat today's dose of 'MURICA right now.

    I'm guessing the couple from that wedding reception missed this:

  3. Brad Johnson says:

    That "hurt feelings report" is just funny. The one federal law it cites refers to the duties of the Secretary of the Army — this appears to have been made to make fun of army crybabies. That it was accidentally attached to a school email is just bad luck. I saw some report that said it was about school bullying — that's just nonsense.

  4. David Bryant says:

    Regarding corners in your house – in my last house I had a 'square' room. Somehow every corner in that room was greater than 90 degrees. Apparently the construction crew had learned an entirely different type of Geometry than what was taught in my public school.

    Regarding questioning faith – I think you would like this blogpost…and likely everything else this guy writes:

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