Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 27, 2016


  • On the way to DaughterGeeding’s school yesterday morning, I spotted a white Ford Bronco which made me think of the OJ Simpson and Al Cowlings chase and the upcoming mini-series on FX. That got me to thinking that the network should stage a publicity stunt by getting as many white Ford Broncos as they can and drive them through Los Angeles.
  • On last night’s ‘Agent Carter’ there was a hefty nod that Howard Hughes was the inspiration for Howard Stark, with him filming a western, like Hughes did with The Outlaw.
  • ABC is promoting a new miniseries with Richard Dreyfuss as Bernie Madoff. However, every time I see the promo, Dreyfuss looks more like former VP Dick Cheney than Madoff, in my opinion.
  • A mom in Frisco was on the late night CBS11 news complaining she got a ticket for wearing her seatbelt. She had the shoulder strap under her shoulder, beneath her underarm and out of view, and was upset she didn’t get a warning. In the news segment, she said, and this is word-for-word, “Wearing the shoulder strap over me is just super inconvenient.” I’m just going to postulate that she gave the cop some attitude and that’s why she didn’t get away with a warning.  And now would be a good time for my favorite Libertarian reader “John Mackovic” to state she shouldn’t have to wear one in the first place. 😉
  • Now here’s a gripe about CBS11 and that story. When they aired the segment last night, they had video of her only saying “Wearing the shoulder strap over me is just super inconvenient.” But when you read the story on their website, there’s more context, “I had a sick baby and my car was trying to hand her a piece of fruit,” she says. “I had to give it to her I’m still watching and still being safe I don’t ever get tickets but wearing the shoulder strap over me is just super inconvenient.” It’s like CBS11 is trying to use two angles, the jerk cop and the mom with an attitude to emotionally engage the reader. They also followed the story with a viewer poll on either Twitter or Facebook.
  • Dallas dad not guilty for taking tween daughter’s phone – The parents are not in a relationship and the mother felt the property belonged to her, “You can’t take someone’s property, regardless if you’re a parent or not.
  • Circuit City Set To Return This SpringThe fun is expected to begin in June when the company opens its first store, most likely in the Dallas market, and relaunches
  • DeLoreans are goint to be built in Humble, TX
  • All the times and what Bono changed the “Beautiful Day” line of “see China right in front of you” to something else during last year’s tour.
  • If Trump decides to follow through and skip the debate, his absence will dominate the coverage and conversation more than actually being there.
  • I’m very surprised that Trump is getting major endorsements from Evangelical heavyweights like Jerry Falwell Jr., Tony Perkins, and Sarah Palin, and it’s got to have Cruz’s head spinning. Palin endorsed Cruz when he was running for the Senate, and Cruz announced his presidential candidacy at Liberty University, which Falwell heads.
    • Related – The NY Times – Ted Cruz’s Evangelical GambleThe candidate’s strategy to win the White House depends on turning out millions of new religious voters.
  • The Houston Chronicle has an article about what Ted Cruz was like as a high school student and his ambition to be president at such a young age. It looks like he’s achieved every goal he set out for except for the job he’s running for now. As for his high school pics, hey, we all looked goofy. Notable section:
    • By his senior year, Cruz was at the top of his class. He had been class president twice, and he helped write the student body constitution. He was captain of the speech team, president of the drama club, and on the roll of the school’s newspaper, yearbook, key club and magazine. And he put down in writing that he wanted the White House.
  • It is a pretty bridge – Uruguay news – Circular Bridge Built To Slow Down Drivers So That They Would Enjoy The View
  • Imgur – Disney Princess as Hot Dogs
  • Passport Expiring Soon? Renew It Now, State Dept. Says
  • T-shirt data – We washed, dried, measured and weighed 800 of the most popular men’s t-shirts available online.  After compiling the data, we worked with beta testers in NYC to develop an algorithm that could recommend t-shirt brands and sizes for a wide range of body types. We’re still tweaking the math on that algorithm, but in the meantime, we thought we’d share some of the data that has surfaced from our project so far.
  • Forbes boldly declares Austin America’s next boomtown
  • I found some interesting nuggets in this article about what goes on behind the scenes of broadcasting the NFC Championship on Fox. It’s the little quirky stuff that gets my attention.
    • In a pregame meeting days before the actual game, Troy Aikman took a picture of Cam Newton because he was wearing an interesting hat. Aikman seems so straight laced that it’s hard for me to imagine him using his phone to take a picture, or even knowing how to do such a thing.
    • Even more strange is that John Madden sends text messages, which sounds like a Frank Caliendo skit waiting to happen. I like Caliendo, he’s nice and funny, but his Madden bit needs to be retired and it’s nails on a chalkboard to me.
    • Former basketball player and current head coach Derek Fisher is a Cowboys fan.
    • Aikman has impressive cursive writing skills.
    • A quote from the director to his 18 cameramen, “OK, last week was great—the images of the little girl with the football? Sometimes we take that for granted. That shot, it was all over the morning newscasts the next day. Really well done guys.”
    • To keep warm, Erin Andrews wore a self-heating hunting vest. It’s also stated she points things out on the sidelines to the director during games to try to capture any special or interesting moments.
    • Regarding the Arizona/Green Bay game the week prior, Carson Palmer’s nerves were getting the best of him. That may explain his poor play on Sunday.
    • Aikman and Joe Buck fist bump before the start of the broadcast.
    • Buck uses cough drops to keep his voice fresh.
    • They both stand for the entire broadcast. When Aikman speaks, he has a tendency to shift the weight from his left foot to his right foot. Buck rarely stands still, leaning against the table in front of him.
    • During timeouts, both men often grab their phones and text their daughters (they each have two) about schoolwork and what time they’ll land back home.


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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  1. Brad says:

    For years, Aikman's daughter and my daughter were in the same rec leagues for basketball and volleyball (but not on the same team). Aikman pretty much always had a full-size DSLR-type camera with him when he was taking pictures.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Two great lines from Agent Carter last night: Peggy telling Howard "A movie based on a comic book? Sounds dreadful." and Jarvis telling Peggy "I have no desire to spend eternity as a disembodied voice." Fun nods to the audience, writers.

    The fact that Trump is getting endorsements from major evangelical leaders says a lot less about Trump's religiosity and much more about the true intentions of said leaders. It's hard to reconcile Trump's statements and positions with a heavenly minded agenda, but if you're looking to build a kingdom in this world….

  3. John Mackovic says:

    You're right – I don't think people should be forced to wear seatbelts, but I think it's a good idea to do it. That woman has a responsibility to her family to stay safe. 🙂

  4. RPM says:

    Not wearing your seatbelt properly is not wearing your seatbelt. She deserved the ticket.

    One thing I enjoyed about going to NASCAR was listening to the broadcast over the scanner. It was a Producer's feed that had chatter between the booth, pit reporters and production truck. You could hear the truck talking to the booth about upcoming segments, pit reporters pitching ideas for stories and everybody joking with each other during commercial. Very behind the scenes and very interesting.

    I'm pretty sure of why $arah Palin endorsed Trump. She never net a paycheck she didn't like.

  5. ALEC says:

    My wife got a ticket one time (I was not present), she gave the cop attitude and basically was a pain in the rear. When told that story, I felt I needed to have a heart to heart talk with my boys concerning tickets (i.e. Police), basically I told them that a woman can get away with that and a man can't, the asked why Dad?

  6. Brad Johnson says:

    If the seat-belt woman's attitude during the stop was anything like it was during the interview, it's no wonder she got a ticket. The transportation code defines "secured" by the safety belt as being worn according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the car or belt, and she clearly wasn't. While the cop might have given her a warning, if she had given him the "it's too inconvenient" babble, then he'd believe that she didn't intend to comply in the future either, and so needed a ticket.

    That said, I'm one of those that think no one should be required to wear a seat belt, but would do so anyway since I don't have any desire to be more injured in a wreck than I otherwise would be. Seat belt laws were pushed by and a victory for the insurance industry.

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