Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 20, 2015


  • A few folks emailed me with questions about DaughterGeeding’s school, such as what’s she being taught in kindergarten. Each week parents get an email with the week’s lesson plan, here’s this week’s.
  • Yesterday I wrote about Trump’s gaffe at Liberty University and how I thought it might hurt him with the ultra-conservative religious voter. However, yesterday Sarah Palin announced her endorsement of him, so that should make up for it. And that leads me to Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!.
  • When Sarah Palin news rains, it pours – Sarah Palin’s son Track charged with domestic violence
  • Get Up Early, See Five Planets at Once Over the next two weeks, for the first time in more than a decade, you can see all of the naked-eye planets — from Mercury to Saturn — together in the predawn sky.
  • I recently mentioned that our church is allowing an Indian Christian church to use our building since they don’t have one of their own. On Sunday, I was at a church leadership meeting and some demographic data of the area (Las Colinas, Valley Ranch, Coppell) was shared. Five years ago, South and East Asians were 15% of the population, now they are a little over 40% of the population. It was also stated that DFW overall isn’t seeing a lot of Christian growth. While there may be more mega-churches and new churches, some of which have increasing numbers, it’s because Christians are moving from church to church, not that there are many converts to Christianity who join a church.
  • First Baptist Church of Memphis Votes To Allow Same-Sex Weddings – The title isn’t quite as shocking once you know that the church left the Southern Baptist Convention in 1991 and is now part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
  • Coppell Deli that ’90s Cowboys, John Madden made famous gets chewed up by bulldozers – But don’t worry, a new one was built next to it and a second location has existed for years. Personally, I never thought it was that great of a place.
  • ‘Star Wars’: Rey’s Instant Bread Wasn’t CGI — It Was Totally Realthe bread might have been a real practical effect, but it also tasted terrible and probably had next to no real nutritional value.
  • Star Wars 7 Beat in China by Low-Budget Cartoon Bears
  • Taser’s newest ‘less-lethal’ weapon is meant for concealed carry
  • Buzzfeed – 15 Photos Of What Actors See When They’re On Stage
  • The New York Times – Seeking Ranchland in Texas, Where Wealth Is Measured in Acres – In Texas, where wealth is measured not in dollars but in acres, land prices have for decades followed the price of oil. “There is this ongoing love for the land among Texans, to the point that if you are a Texan who gets wealthy, one of the first things you start to look at is a ranch,” said Charles Gilliland, a research economist with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.
  • Thanks to all of you that commented on my mention of Asimov and his short story, and thanks for all the suggested reading from him and others.
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    I used to eat at Deliman's all the time back when I worked on that side of town.

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