Tis but a scratch


Firefighters say a driver is lucky to suffer just a scratch on his arm after a metal tray loader flew off of a truck and went right through the windshield of the man’s BMW.

The man was driving Friday afternoon on southbound Interstate 280 in San Jose when the incident occurred, according to San Jose Fire Department Capt. Christopher Salcido.


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4 Responses to Tis but a scratch

  1. John says:

    Holy Shit!

  2. Ben W. says:

    This is my worst driving fear. Because if that thing was 6 inches over, that guy's just dead. No way to avoid it, no way to know; suddenly it's just over.

    Thanks for the nightmare fuel.

  3. Showing Blitz says:

    I worked in Manhattan for five years and observed a similar event one evening while walking home. I was walking down Broadway, headed for the WTC [yeah, it was still around then] when I saw a back-up. I was on foot and when I reached the intersection there was a car sitting in the street and a steel beam had dropped on it horizontally, karate style. The beam separated the main part of the car from the engine compartment, severing it at the instrument panel. The driver had been removed and I didn't see any blood. I always wondered: what if the driver was sitting at the light and had just taken his foot off the brake to inch forward to close the gap with the car in front-by a foot– would he have lost his lower legs?

    But it was just another day in New York, life went on.

  4. sara says:

    Every time I see a truck hauling pipes or beams or lots of big heavy stuff, I just move over. I've seen that movie…

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