Superman Unmasks Batman in New ‘Dawn of Justice’ Teaser

I’m not sure what’s up with Batman’s trench coat looking attire, and he sure does look stocky.

So Batman is really Daredevil, and he can see!  Whoa, that’s a plot twist.

On Reddit, I found an interesting discussion about how Ben Affleck is wearing black makeup around his eyes and then it’s gone in the reveal.  That’s one of the first rules when you wear the Batman mask, you always paint the area around your eyes black so your skin doesn’t show.

Someone actually spotted this mistake in Batman Returns, something I’ve never noticed before.  At the 2:15 mark, Michael Keaton is wearing black makeup, and then eleven seconds later when the cowl is removed, it’s gone.  The video below should be cued to that exact spot.

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2 Responses to Superman Unmasks Batman in New ‘Dawn of Justice’ Teaser

  1. Ben W. says:

    Why does Superman have Nazi soldiers bowing down to him? The whole thing looks weird.

  2. sara says:

    Oliver Queen has awesome makeup remover too.

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