Carrot in a Shotgun In Real Life

Bugs Bunny commonly plugged Elmer Fudd’s shotgun barrel with a carrot. This not only saved Bugs Bunny’s life, but it also resulted in Fudd’s shotgun backfiring or exploding. What does it do IRL??? Hungry minds must eat some knowledge!!!!!!

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One Response to Carrot in a Shotgun In Real Life

  1. Triple Fake says:

    I could have saved him the trouble. In high school, a friend and I went hunting. While crossing a small stream, he didn't realize he poked the end of his barrel into the mud. After the next shot, it literally did look like a cartoon shotgun – it was split out in all directions. We took it to my house and he cut and filed it down, then sneaked it back into his house (it was his dad's gun). Good times!

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