Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 16, 2015


  • There wasn’t much on television last night, but I caught part one of the NFL Network ‘The Timeline’ which focused on the San Francisco and Dallas rivalry.
    • It had two narrators, Jeremy Renner and Sam Elliott.  Renner voiced all the San Francisco parts and Elliott did the ones for Dallas, as if they were having a conversation with each other but with some banter thrown in.
    • I never really thought how both cities boomed in pop-culture and in business when their teams were at the top of their games in each decade (Seventies for the Cowboys, Eighties for the Niners), and how downtrodden each city was when their teams were performing poor in those decades (Seventies for the Niners, Eighties for the Cowboys).
    • Eddie Debartolo stated after he bought the 49’ers he was trying to model them like the Cowboys.
    • Grant Hill stated that Roger Staubach was responsible for naming him.
    • Landry chose Doug Cosby in the draft over Joe Montana.
    • I never knew that after “The Catch”, Montana went up to Too Tall Jones and talked smack.  At the time, Staubach was on the opposite ten-yard line as a CBS correspondent.
    • Jerry Rice said he grew up a Cowboys fan and always wanted to play for the team, especially for Tom Landry.
    • There was an old Bill O’Reilly clip of when he was a local reporter and stated that at one home game, the Cowboys had 20,000 empty seats at the stadium.
    • I never put together that Bill Walsh and Tom Landry both coached their last NFL season at the same time.  Debartolo stated he talked to Jimmy Johnson about taking over for Walsh.
    • You get to see the inside of Jerry Jones’ house where he talks about his Norman Rockwell painting, The Toss.
    • Part 2 airs on Saturday.
  • I found out yesterday I haven’t used enough of my earned vacation time for the year. We are allowed to rollover 40 hours from one year to another, but even with my already scheduled vacation time for the end of the year, I’ve got 60 hours to burn.
  • If I read this Wired article correctly, the Omni in Fort Worth is going to show the new Star Wars movie in the IMAX domed theater, and I think their website confirms it, as I believe their only theater is the domed one.   That might just be a pretty cool experience.
  • There’s a $5 million dollar “European Castle” for sale in Southlake, and while the interior looks spiffy, I’m not that impressed from what I’ve seen of other houses in that area.
  • Remember when everyone pundit thought that Gov Chris Christie was going to the bully of the race?
  • Buzzfeed – A New Mom’s Fiancé And Mother Died In A Car Crash On The Way To The Hospital
  • Coming To Texas: Special-Ed Cams To Protect Students From Their Own Teachers – The Lone Star State passed a law in June that made it the first in the nation to make it mandatory for schools — if asked to do so — to videotape interactions between teachers and their special-needs students.
  • Creationists expanding institute to include the ‘Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History’ – The Institute for Creation Research, which teaches there’s scientific proof that God created the earth in six days, is ready to expand its headquarters in Northwest Dallas, adding a museum and “3D planetarium” to its existing facility at Royal Lane and Luna Road.
  • Castaway survives year at sea, sued for ‘eating colleague’
  • Reporters in Las Vegas Try to Crack Case of Who Owns Their Newspaper
  • If you are a big fan of statistics and data, you might appreciate this – A Day in the Life of AmericansThis is how America runs.
  • Google Play Books Gets A Feature To Make It Easier To Read At Night
  • Linda Ellerbee on The End of ‘Nick News’
  • The Mysterious, Disputed Birth Of America’s Greatest Supercar – The Saleen S7 is a mystifying car, a $375,000 American mid-engine supercar that sprung up out of nowhere in the year 2000. 
  • The Ford GT’s windshield will be Gorilla Glass, just like your smartphone screen
  • Autotune is a by-product of the oil industry – The Inventor of Auto-Tune
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 16, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    I'm going to have to watch The Timeline. It sounds very interesting. I remember loving and simultaneously hating Joe Montana. He was that era's Tom Brady and I still consider him the greatest to play the game. Can't remember which game it was, believe he was with after he was traded to the KC Chiefs. Anyway, he had been knocked out of the game in the first half with an elbow injury and it looked like the game and Montana were done. Then midway thru the 3rd quarter started you heard the crowd roar and Joe Montana came running out of the tunnel. His elbow looked like it had a grapefruit shoved under the skin, but he soldiered thru and wound up with a come from behind win. Joe Cool, indeed.

    Never watched much Nick News but have been a fan of Linda Ellerbee going back to the days of NBC News Overnight in the 80's. That was a fantastic show. Still can't believe it made it on the air and lasted as long as it did. It was like the network news version of The Ticket.

  2. Wild Card says:

    " Creationists expanding institute to include the ‘Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History’ – "

    One of the most disturbing facts about America is that there is a sizable percentage of the population who believe in creationism. Maybe it explains why it is so hard to get people to even discuss climate change. When you have a significant percentage of Americans in 2015 who still believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and claim that they have "scientific evidence" to back them up how do you intelligently discuss the green house effect [which was discovered 170 years ago].?

    I wasn't sure whether to laugh or gag when I read this sentence:

    "The institute, which spent months in court fighting the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the right to dispense master’s degrees in creationism, …"

  3. John Mackovic says:

    I'm not sure if I'd want to sit through a two-hour movie in a domed theater, my neck would get tired from looking around at all of the action.

    • Bryan says:

      I watched Interstellar at the Omni and I was pretty underwhelmed. Even with the reclined seats it was hard to watch and actually see everything.

  4. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    I had that comic book growing up as a Kid. I cannot tell you how many times I read it and stared at the pics.

  5. Dude says:

    It doesn't surprise me that Jerry Jones has a Normal Rockwell painting hanging in his house that depicts the method in which he chooses draft picks.

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