Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, December 8, 2015


  • We had fried chicken for dinner last night.
  • BoyGeeding got in trouble for exposing his private parts in class yesterday.
  • DaughterGeeding told us her class played the around-the-world game with flashcards yesterday.  That brought back some good memories of my time in school.
  • Too many things on television last night that appealed to me – Cowboys game, U2 concert on HBO, ‘Fargo’, Jon Stewart returned to the ‘Daily Show’, ‘Supergirl’, Steve Carrell on Colbert’s show.
  • Stewart was a guest on his old show to help get a bill to the floor for a vote so that 9/11 first responders can continue to get medical care.  Of course his piece was funny, but it was also powerful, and I expect it to get a lot of traction today.
  • When Stewart suddenly appeared behind Trevor Noah, Noah had a good joke implying Stewart was about to play the part of Leno taking back his old show from Conan.
  • That was some great camera work or cinematography HBO gave us for that U2 concert.  I’m also amazed at how the band can use technology and set design to get intimate with the crowd, I doubt there was a bad seat in the house.  Heck, I might just prefer to sit pretty far back just to take in everything.
  • I could have sworn that Adam Clayton started the concert with his shirt on.  I’m also certain he’ll be the first member of the band to die.
  • During “One”, Bono let the crowd sing most of the song.  That’s got to be a great feeling –  to travel to a country in which English is not the primary language but for an arena full of their citizens to sing all the words.
  • It was cool of them to have the Eagles of Death Metal to come up on stage with them and play along.  I knew nothing of the band before, but they seem like a fun group, and certainly don’t sound like death metal.  U2 actually gave them the stage for the last song and walked off, so the Eagles of Death Metal had the stage and crowd all to themselves.
  • Bono’s voice seems week at the start of concerts, as if he’s trying to save it for the whole show, and then somewhere in the middle and towards the end it just sounds solid.
  • I’m glad I watched it as it aired as the concert went long and the DVR would have cut it off.
  • I was driving through the part of I30 that is named Tom Landry Highway and noticed his fedora is on many of the overpasses.  The beginning of this article is a nice read on when Jason Witten first met Tom Landry as a four-year-old.  Heck, it’s a must read for any Cowboy fan.
  • I’ve been had – Walmart Says Woman’s Viral Video Of Her Heartbreaking Experience With A Cashier Isn’t True – The spokesman said Walmart has “very clear video evidence” of Yore’s time in the store, but that the incident she described was not on the tape.
  • Dallas Morning News – Highland Village man dies after falling through ceiling while getting decorations
  • Buzzfeed – “” Is Sending People To Donald Trump’s Campaign Website
  • GIF – Impressive beer toss
  • Spain: ‘Suicidal’ woman survives 7 storey drop after landing on and killing 81-year-old man
  • Texas man shoots and kills wife of 60 years because he was ‘tired of her suffering’
  • The Atlantic – The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice’The attention-grabbing tricks that keep an audience watching, even when people are just talking at a camera
  • Dallas Morning News – In new home of Round Top, Rick Perry’s almost just a regular guy – The 65-year-old likes to fiddle in his yard and work with his dogs. He splurged on a trip to California to pick up his dream car, the ’70s-era Chevelle, and then road-tripped back. An ideal weekend might include some fishing or an Aggie football game or visiting with the grandkids.
  • We’re getting close to that time of year when NFL cheerleaders will be wearing those Santa outfits.
  • Today’s does of ‘MURICA! – The body of a Japanese Lieutenant who crashed during the attack on Pearl Harbor is buried with full military honors by U.S. troops. – I’ve never seen that photo before, and I can’t imagine how hard that must have been to give a new found enemy such a proper burial after such horrendous attack that left many brothers in arms dead.
  • 16 Hidden Chrome Settings Worth Tweaking
  • How long does it take to lose a skill?
  • The Atlantic – Defining ‘Evangelical’Its meaning has shifted throughout Christianity’s long history and changes depending on who you ask. Why?
  • I loved how Dan Bailey was picked up and carried after he made the game winning field goal last night.
  • I plan on doing this, and hope you do as well – A Little Girl With Severe Burns Is Asking People To Send Her Christmas CardsAfter losing her entire family in a suspected arson fire, supporters are hoping a few letters can go a long way.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, December 8, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    I assume you didn't watch Fargo since you didn't discuss the episode. No spoilers other than I can't understand how they continually out do the previous episode. Last night's was directed by Adam Arkin. The Emmy competition for Best Director is going to be a dogfight!

    • Ben W. says:

      I've got to agree with you (again), 100%. What a phenomenal show. And, for some reason, I thought last night was the finale. So as I watched the last 90 seconds or so, I got really annoyed. But when the "Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode" came on, I got irrationally excited. One more episode!

      The show's ability to take separate threads of the story, follow them individually, and then weave them back together is just fantastic.

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