Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, December 22, 2015


  • We visited the Galleria yesterday and I noticed a life-size cardboard display of Darth Vader inside Cartier.  I’m sorry, but when I think of luxury jewelry stores, cardboard cutouts don’t come to mind.
  • So far my winter vacation has started off with a trip to the gastroenterologist and my dog waking me up early yesterday morning by throwing up on me.  Fun times, I tell ya, fun times.
  • Georgia State and a partner bought Turner Field and will turn it into a football stadium and student housing, apartments, and retail stores.  So that thing was first an Olympic stadium, then a baseball stadium, and will now be a football stadium – poor thing has identity issues.
  • BBC News – Kenyan Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack
  • Imgur – “Simpsons guessed the future of movies in 2009.”
  • Watch The Trailer For The New Season Of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’
    Barack Obama, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin and more will be riding around with a caffeinated Jerry Seinfeld starting December 30th.
  • Once again The New York Times outwits our local writers by publishing a great article about our area, and this is one they should have done a long time age.  They wrote a piece about what it’s like to watch a Cowboys game in Jerry Jones’ suite, here are some highlights:
    • The formal invitation – The package arrives by overnight mail for out-of-town guests — it is hand-delivered by team security personnel to those in the area — and contains a box holding an acrylic tray with the Cowboys star logo etched in the middle. Nestled inside the tray is a card requesting that the recipients join the Jones family “on the fifty” (as in yard line), along with tickets, a parking map and a parking pass. All visitors receive valet privileges, but only some are afforded the luxury of driving beneath AT&T Stadium, to the base of an elevator that lifts them directly into the suite.
    • Forty-eight seats are available (but there was 62 total for the game in the article), and Jerry’s wife and daughter decides who gets them.  Each preseason home game is a family reunion, one for Jerry’s family, and one for his wife.
    • They try to make you comfortable – like the menu — loaded with comfort foods like hot dogs and fried chicken and chicken fried steak — and the availability of household items, like safety pins and Tylenol. Spill on your shirt? Here’s some stain remover and a hair dryer. Feeling cold? We’ll fetch you a blanket.
    • But they also provide a personal touch and a unique souvenir – A photographer roams the suite to shoot pictures of guests with members of the Jones family, and again at halftime, when two cheerleaders come up to pose with anyone interested. When visitors open gift bags that are passed out to them in the fourth quarter, they will find that one of those photos has been framed. Everyone receives a hat — the style changes every season — and a book detailing the art and architecture at the stadium.
    • Jerry has his own private area, but Gene only allows him to enter her area at halftime.
    • Former President and local resident George W. Bush and his wife have standing invites.
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