Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, December 14, 2015


  • We had a little bit of a health scare, but all appears well.  There’s a dime-size lump under DaughterGeeding’s right breast.  She thought it was pretty cool, but her mother and I were a bit concerned.  Doing your own medical diagnosis on the Internet can both be alarming and calming, but no matter what, we wanted her pediatrician to check it out.  As expected, it was just something called a breast bump, or medically speaking, premature thelarche.  The bigger concern was precocious puberty, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  It should go disappear no longer than two months.
  • I will admit, when I first felt the bump, I was optimistic, however, for a brief moment, my entire world stopped down and began crumbling.
  • We got Christmas cards in the mail from my family in Vietnam yesterday.  It was quite a surprise to open up a card and then see an origami type sail ship unfold.
  • Maine news – Buzzfeed – This Guy Made Santa Piss On ISIS In A Christmas Display And The Cops Showed Up
  • Buzzfeed – A 96-Foot Christmas Tree Has Burned To The Ground In California
  • Buzzfeed – This Santa Held A Picture Of A Deceased Child To Fulfill A Father’s Christmas Wish
  • Get a glimpse of Sherlock’s ‘abominable bride’ in new teaser for holiday special –
    The beloved detective’s Victorian special premieres worldwide on January 1st
  • Toronto mall has younger, thinner ‘Fashion Santa’
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • The Dallas Morning News has a funny 404 page for its sports section.
  • Tesla to open Fort Worth car gallery
  • What it’s like to be an inheritor – In the latest installment of our anonymous interview series, we talk with inheritors, trust fund recipients, and the solemnly rich.
  • It’s time for Trump to start marketing some kind of health supplement.
  • Seven of the ten cities that spend the most on Christmas are right here in Texas – The top ten places around the country with high annual Christmas budgets is basically a list of Dallas and Houston suburbs. Flower Mound, Frisco, and Allen rep the DFW Metroplex, while Sugar Land, Pearland, The Woodlands, and League City show out for Houston.  – I know at least two BagOfNothing readers in Frisco, hello Ben and Alex!
  • ‘Fargo’ thoughts:
    • It wouldn’t bother me in the least if this show won every single award it’s eligible for.
    • I loved the opening of ‘Fargo’ last night, it was nice seeing the cast from the first season.
    • Kirsten Dunst’s breakdown scene and Patrick Wilson’s story about the fall of Vietnam was some fantastic acting.
    • “It’s the rock we all push, men.  We call it our burden, but it’s really our privledge.”
    • “You’ll know the angels, when they come, because they will have the faces of your children.”
    • “The words we say and the words we hear aren’t always the same thing.”
    • I loved the ending, it was tense for me up until the credits.  The show was so unpredictable I was expecting something drastic, which kept me on edge.  I really appreciate not having to see some kind of sentimental death scene of Betsy and having some loose ends with Hanzee on the loose and Mike Milligan starting a new life.  Last year’s finale had a lot of closure, but this provide enough closure and it made me crave more, which a great story should.
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  1. John Mackovic says:


  2. Ben W. says:

    Man, my family is bringing down the Frisco average. I guess we need to step up our game. Need to sell a car or something first, though. Sheesh…

    SPOILERS (maybe??) – Fargo discussion below, for you that haven't watched it yet:

    Not to get too deep, but I thought it was a fantastic tie-in that Lou had the quote about "pushing the rock" that you described, while Noreen was at his dying wife's bedside reading "The Myth of Sisyphus" by Camus. By comparing a man's life with the Greek myth of Sisyphus eternally pushing a boulder up a hill only to see it fall back down, Camus decides (as Noreen says) that it's all absurd. Lou, from miles away, unknowingly and in his own way mirrors his wife's dismissive comments about Camus' theory, instead choosing to embrace his "burden" as a privilege. Through subtle but brilliant screenwriting, we get to see just how perfectly those two are matched. (Or just how pragmatic/literalistic those hearty Minnesotans are.)

    Kirsten Dunst was fantastic. Jesse Plemons didn't have much to do this episode, but deserves attention for his performance, too.

    Same for Ted Danson. His line that you reference above was delivered in such an absolutely emotional, heart-wrenching way without being over the top that hit me right between the eyes. His delivery of that line resonated with me a great deal because it reminded me a great deal of my own father, who I am fortunate enough to still have. It was absolutely powerful stuff.

    And finally, poor Mike. I have to wonder how long he'll last in his new digs. Like everyone, he worked really hard and tried his best to do what he needed to do to "win," and even though he was completely victorious, his reward was different than he ever dreamed. Life is funny like that, I guess.

  3. Showing Blitz says:

    "It’s time for Trump to start marketing some kind of health supplement."

    Are you thinking about the Mannatech gravy train? Possibly through Sharper Image 😉

    Ben Carson made some good bucks endorsing nutritional supplements for Mannatech while having "no financial relationship" with them.

  4. RPM says:

    Nearly the entire episode was anticlimactic, but it was supposed to be. More of an epilogue than an episode really. I thought nearly every actor gave the best performance of their careers in this series. Certainly an instant classic.

  5. John Mackovic says:

    That card is great. It's really cool that you keep in touch with your family over there.

  6. sara says:

    I can't believe they finished it with just an "oh yeah, no one will believe us about the aliens, lol." AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. I don't think I've ever seen anything that had a tangential absurd arc that just went unresolved, just because they could. But I guess in real life, that's all we'd get as well. Great finale.

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