Spread the Word Bible Bucket

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With this special offer you will receive a bucket filled with twenty-four (24) MEV Paperback Bibles!

Everybody that’s storing food, has generators, water, etc. should also store buckets of Bibles. It’s been said on the Jim Bakker Show many times that, “If you’re simply just preparing just to get through the worst period of time in human history, first of all why would you even want to be here if you’re not doing anything for the sake of the gospel?”

We are called to be revivalists, not just simply survivalists. And so during this time, we’re storing food not to just survive but to when people to Jesus. If you’re storing food, if you’re storing these types of materials, you need to have the Word of God, you need to have buckets of the Bible.

Buy it for $50 at Jim Bakker’s website.

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    4 billion years of successful evolution and we have this.. amazing

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