Denton – $399 million in bonds on ballot didn’t pass because of no voters

While $399 million worth of bonds were on the ballot for the Alpha Ranch Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 of Denton and Wise counties, no one showed up to vote.

Six propositions asked the voters — or voter — to approve issuing bonds for utilities and roads, forming a road district and taking over sewer powers. All failed without a single vote.

The district is located in the far southwest corner of Denton County, west of Fort Worth city limits.

Districts like these are governmental entities that developers often use to finance infrastructure for residential and commercial development. Other Denton County special districts with elections Tuesday each had just one to three voters who approved a total of $634.6 million of proposed bonds.

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One Response to Denton – $399 million in bonds on ballot didn’t pass because of no voters

  1. Brad Johnson says:

    Typically, these sort of special districts have all been bought by a developer and the original residents are gone. Then the developer has a person or two live on the property, and they are the only voters for the huge bond packages that fund the development. The bonds are then repaid by the people who buy houses in the new development (once it's built). That there were no voters at all means that someone screwed up the routine — either the developer forgot to have someone live there, or that person forgot to vote (or didn't register to vote). One of those situations where they had *one job* and failed it.

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