Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 4, 2015


  • DaughterGeeding goes to bed every night with lullaby music, but for some reason, we never started that with BoyGeeding.
  • A while back, DaughterGeeding and WifeGeeding were in a disagreement about something they saw.  At one point, without being rude but contemplative, DaughterGeeding said, “Mom, I have two eyes, you have one eye. I can see better than you.”
  • I don’t understand why Wikipedia doesn’t include the lyrics to songs on any of those respected pages.  They provide all sorts of details for the recording of a song, but never the lyrics.  For example, here’s Phil Collin’s “Take Me Home” and Adele’s new song “Hello“.
  • Speaking of “Take Me Home”, here are some facts about song, though I’m not sure of the validity regarding the source; however the first two items is mentioned on the song’s Wiki page:
    • Often misconstrued to be about a man returning home, Collins stated on VH1 Storytellers that the song’s lyrics refer to a patient in a mental institution, and that he was inspired by the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  “Take Me Home” is thus a protest song, with the subject of its protest being the British practice of confining “misfits” to “asylums.”
    • Sting and ex-Genesis band mate Peter Gabriel sang backup vocals. Also featured is former Culture Club backing singer Helen Terry.
    • This was originally released in the UK in 1985. It released in the US in March 1986, only after Phil Collins appeared in the TV series Miami Vice.
  • And until yesterday, I had no idea that Bone Thugs N Harmony sampled “Take Me Home” and featured Collins in their video.
  • I’ve watched the Disney Junior cartoon “Miles From Tomorrowland” with the kids for a while now, but it just occurred to me that the kids are half-Asian, with a white father and Asian mother.  Perhaps it’s time to update my Half-Asian Hall of Fame.  When I do, I also need to add the actress that plays Sky/Daisy from “Marvels Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.”.
  • There are six United States Senior Military Colleges. Texas A&M University, The Citadel, and VMI are the most well known, can you guess the other three?
  • Google Translate error sees Spanish town advertise clitoris festival – Organisers in As Pontes ‘quite surprised’ to learn food festival celebrating Galician vegetable grelo had been mistranslated
  • Jon Stewart Signs New 4-Year Deal With HBO – It sounds likes he’s going to produce short videos that would be on YouTube except it will be on HBO Go.
  • Canada Created A Burger With Melted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, And We Tried It
  • D Magazine‏ – The Unbelievable Story of Pecan Lodge [Thanks, JB!] – I always wondered about that Abilene brick displayed in the restaurant, and now I know.
  • I have no issue at all with the first college football playoff rankings of the season, especially the top four.  Strength of schedule can’t be ignored and running up the score only counts for style points, and that’s evident by the committee’s standards.  For any team whining, there’s still time to crack that top four and prove yourself.  I think I’d like to see Clemson win it all.
  • We got caught up on ‘Fargo’.  I totally underestimated Jean Smart’s acting.  Man, that’s an excellent show, but I was surprised at the amount of butt cracks in the latest episode.  The show is over an hour long and it feels like only twenty minutes went by.
  • – Not Every Man Really Lives: The 20-Year Impact of ‘Braveheart’
  • Mental Floss – 25 Things You Should Know About Dallas
    • I knew Doc Holliday was a dentist, but I didn’t know her practiced in Dallas.
    • The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were originally named the CowBelles & Beaux.
    • The cornerstone of Woodrow Wilson High School contains a slice of his daughter’s wedding cake.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 4, 2015

  1. Towski says:

    Wife Towski and minitowski will be heading this weekend to Stillwater, OK for the matchup of our alma maters, both undefeated, as TCU visits Oklahoma State. Our poor spawn will be dressed in some sort of purple and orange monstrous combination. Wife Towski distinctly disagrees with the first CFP rankings. I pointed out to her that the first rankings last season featured Ole Miss, Miss State, Auburn and Florida State, and that Ohio State was 17th.

  2. Jason Truitt says:

    Re: clitoris festival.

    So that’s where it is?

  3. John Mackovic says:

    For a second there, I thought "DaughterGeeding goes to bed every night with lullaby music" was a caption to that photo.

  4. warren says:

    Song lyrics are copyrighted material owned by the songwriters. Wikipedia tries to not publish copyrighted materials.

    • Ben W. says:

      Arguably, they would be covered by the fair-use exception. But if they have a policy of not allowing lyrics to be posted, I'm guessing they'd rather be safe than sorry, as even one lawsuit brought by an artist–even though it would likely be unsuccessful–would be costly to defend.

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