Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  • I’ve identified one of my major problems with life, I want to police the world.  If I’m driving down the road and someone didn’t use their turn signal, I wish I was an undercover cop that could roll down my window and put a siren on top of my car to pull over the offender and write a ticket.  Or if I’m in the grocery store parking lot and see someone not properly return their cart, or if I’m at Jason’s Deli and see someone return to the salad bar with a used plate – I want to them to be penalized in some way or write them a demerit.  I just gotta learn to chill on some things.
  • Speaking of rolling down the window and putting a siren on top of the car, I don’t think that’s done nowadays.   I wonder what’s the last television show or movie to include a cop putting a siren on top of their car in which it was still in vogue.
  • Nick Offerman will play Ignatius J. Reilly in the off Broadway play A Confederacy of Dunces, which is, of course, based on the book.  I don’t think they could have cast it better.  Bryan Cranston did a broadway play on LBJ and HBO will be airing a movie version with Cranston as the title character.  Here’s hoping HBO will do the same with Offerman.
  • This CNN article states the CEO of Playboy has the last name of Flanders.  As a longtime fan of ‘The Simpsons’, I find that amusing.
  • I saw a story on CBS11 yesterday about some Thanksgiving charity associated with Central Market.  I only mention it because included in the footage was the Hardin-Simmons Cowboy band.
  • They also had a story about construction on Highway 360 in Arlington which will finally allow you to access it without going through stop lights.  About. Damn. Time.
  • The password for the media to log onto Wi-Fi at last night’s Republican debate was “StopHillary“.
  • What Indiana Jones thinks about the whole Starbucks red cup “controversy”.
  • Buzzfeed – An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses At Their Current Ages
  • The Unlikely Struggle Of The Family Whose Neighbor Is Area 51
  • I woke up in the middle of the night and thought WifeGeeding was doing a bit of a Jessica Rabbit bit in her sleep with her hair over her eye.
  • The U2 behind the scenes concert special didn’t air last weekend, which was a bummer.  Supposedly, it’s still in development, but the live concert is still scheduled to air this weekend.
  • Buzzfeed – This Guy Spent Over 25 Years Taking Photos Of Himself With Celebrities As An Art Project – I like this Jack Nicholson story – “I was in LA in 2007 and walked around the back of a restaurant. When I got around the back, which was in a dark lane, I noticed Jack Nicholson having a cigar by himself. We got chatting about various things but he wouldn’t give me a photo as he didn’t have his trademark sunglasses on, but he told me that he liked me and when he was leaving after dinner he would give me a photo with him.” After waiting two hours in front of the restaurant with paparazzi and a group of other fans, Richard was the only one who got a photo with Jack Nicholson that night.”
  • The beginning of ‘Scream Queens’ cracked me up last night. Jamie Lee Curtis recreated her mother’s famous shower scene, from what I think, exactly as it happened, and even had a line making fun of the iconic movie.  But I really laughed when she called 911, “Welcome to the new 911 automated service, please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.”
  • I like how FX  has given ‘Fargo’ creative control and the ability to extend episodes past the traditional hour time frame and even wrap up an episode at a non-half-hour timeframe.  But then again, it screws with my “schedule”.  I also like how the story and characters in this season, based in 1979, are connected to the first season.  But I do have a question.  How did Governor Reagan know the state trooper served in Vietnam, was it something on his uniform?
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 11, 2015

  1. Brad Johnson says:

    You got me excited with A Confederacy of Dunces, since I'll be in NYC with friends this weekend. But then I saw that "off-Broadway" in this case means Boston.

  2. Hard Count says:

    " How did Governor Reagan know the state trooper served in Vietnam, was it something on his uniform?"

    I was wondering the same thing.

    The Reagan connection to the series is strange, but also very funny. Reagan asks the trooper if he served in Vietnam and then, before the trooper can say much of anything, Reagan launches into his WWII wartime experiences, which were nothing more than a series of propaganda films he made and which he seemed to think were the same as the real thing. His recounting of the movies was even more confusing because Reagan couldn't remember how any of them ended, complaining about problems with his memory.

    I'd rate Fargo as an A+ so far and Patrick Wilson holds the thing together for me.

    They say at the start that the story is true but they are withholding the names victims at the request of some of the families, but if this actually happened wouldn't a crime wave that savage in North Dakota/Minnesota have gotten a lot of media coverage?

    • Ben W. says:

      I think the "true story" aspect is, in most parts, an homage to the opening of the film, which included the same "disclaimer." Parts of the film had some basis in fact, and from the description in this article, parts of the Rye storyline share that similarity.

      I agree that the Reagan connection to the series is a bit off kilter. I don't know exactly when in 1979 this is set, but Reagan didn't even officially announce his campaign until November 1979. Even if you assume this was December (which it clearly isn't – there aren't any holiday decorations evident anywhere), then it seems odd that Reagan would be campaigning in a state with relatively little influence on the primaries.

      Throw in the UFO connection, and this series is operating on two different levels: there's the crime/film-noir aspect, and there's the supernatural/WTF aspect. Either way, it's a lot of of fun to watch, and there are some really great performances happening.

  3. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    You know one of my favorite sayings is; "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof". It's spiritual twin could be "Not my Circus, not my monkeys." Take care of yourself Amigo.

    I'm prepared for the disdain and ridicule from afar I will receive over my next comment – I don't "get" (or like) Confederacy of Dunces. (Ditto for "Atlas Shrugged")

    I'm beginning to think more and more that the Red Cup debate was started in an attempt to give a certain religious demographic a black eye in public.

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