Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 23, 2015


  • WifeGeeding normally doesn’t get sick, but she was down and out for a large part of the weekend.  I literally didn’t see her get out of bed on Saturday, but it looks like she’s getting better.
  • I’m about a quarter of a way through Netflix’s new Marvel series ‘Jessica Jones’.  When the series was first announced I had no idea who she was, and then I ran across this YouTube that talks about the character and how she may be too dark of a character even for Netflix to handle.  That video does disclose some very dark and morbid stuff, I was questioning if Krysten Ritter could deliver.  So far, I say she does a good job and Netflix does a good job with the dark stuff.  I kinda like the macabre subject matter, it’s something new to be entertained with.
  • In his return, Tony Romo’s first pass was with his left hand.  And while watching that game, I’ve  heard “Turn Down For What” so many times in my life.  Miami needs to upgrade their playlist.
  • I’m told in high school football playoffs, these sort of banners aren’t all that unusual.
  • Michigan State might crack the top four in the next College Football Playoff Rankings, if not, they’ll be close.  But what I find amazing is that in their games against Michigan and The Ohio State, they never had the lead until time expired.  And in their only loss, I think they lead most of the game until the last 17-seconds.
  • TCU comes close to beating the Sooners in Norman without their Heisman-caliber quarterback and their best receiver.  Gary Patterson is a better coach than I thought he was.
  • Cruz Compares UT Football Team to Teenaged Girls
  • Irving news – VICE – Gun-Toting Protesters Held A Rally Against ‘Islamization’ Outside A Texas Mosque
  • @matthewjdowdHappy early Thanksgiving. Let us remember a holiday where natives welcomed illegals into their country and fed them in a cold winter. @GMA
  • Utah junior high school asks students to draw ‘terrorism propaganda poster’
  • That’s one way to cool a PC.
  • My grandfather would have turned 121 yesterday.
  • GIF – This is perhaps the perfect tennis return, at least the most graceful.
  • That one picture makes it look like a Chipotle – Freebirds debuts prototype in Dallas suburb – Freebirds World Burrito debuted a new prototype restaurant Thursday in The Colony, Texas, that features what executives call a “modern farmhouse aesthetic.”
  • Coauthored by Amanda Peet – New kid’s book tackles Jewish Christmas envy
  • I was expecting a good SNL with Matthew McConaughey
    as host, but it was underwhelming. – Adele’s Raw Mic Feed From Her ‘SNL’ Performance Leaked, And It’s Breathtaking
  • TV Women Meteorologists Love This $22.99 Dress From Amazon – One of them posted the discounted dress on a Facebook group and a lot of them decided to buy the same dress, with local Fox 4 meteorologist Jennifer Myers being one of them.  The skeptic in me thinks this is a clever way for Amazon Fashion promotion.
  • GIF – Not quite the Triple Lindy from Back to School – And for those that have never seen the Triply Lindy, here’s the scene.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 23, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    I was hoping for a much better show than SNL delivered. Most of the cast are OK, with a few exceptions (I'm talking about you, Leslie Jones!). But the writing is at it's lowest point in decades. The Writer's Room is in serious need of an overhaul. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Christmas show. Hopefully their input will raise the caliber of the script.

  2. Ben W. says:

    This week's episode of SNL was one of the worst written I've seen in a long time. Trump's episode was pretty bad, but I chalked that up to not having much to work with. Last week's show with Elizabeth Banks was pretty good, but not legendary. This week was just so abysmal. While we were watching, I remarked to my wife that the "Should You Chime In?" game-show sketch was easily one of the worst-written sketches I've ever seen on SNL.

    The one bright spot: Weekend Update. I feel like Jost & Che have gelled really well, and now that Che doesn't screw up 2-3 punch lines every single week, it's the highlight of the show for me. Which is interesting, because Colin Jost is no longer head writer (as of this season). Maybe we're seeing the effects of that change and it will take a little time for the new head writers to get things going.

    How would things turn out if armed Muslims "protested" outside a Baptist church?

  3. Hard Count says:

    The disintegration of quality writing on SNL is the reason they invited Trump to host. Their week-to-week ratings have to be in the tank, One of their shows this past Fall had the lowest ratings in 40 years. I don't even consider them as an option for Saturday night viewing any more.

    Some of the ESPN pundits are predicting the Big 12 may get shut out of the CFP.

    Amanda Peet is HOT!

  4. ALEC says:

    That's one beautiful creature…and the eagle is not bad either.

  5. RPM says:

    Great news, Fargo was just renewed for Season 3.

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