Bag of Randomness for Friday, The 13th, November 2015


  • While driving DaughterGeeding to school, a Beastie Boys came on the radio and I started to bop my head along to the beat.  In the rear view mirror, I noticed DaughterGeeding was doing the same thing with a huge smile on her face.  It made me smile but reminded me of how impressionable kids are by the slightest of things.
  • I think WifeGeeding is becoming on of “those parents”.  On her spelling test, DaughterGeeding incorrectly spelled “want” despite WifeGeeding and her working very hard on it.  WifeGeeding things DaughterGeeding’s teacher’s southern drawl made “want” sound like “what” since DaughterGeeding spelled out “wut”.
  • Since the start of school year, I’ve taken over laundry duty.  Mom mother had this rule that once you take off your clothes and put them in the dirty place, make sure they are not inside out because it makes folding and putting away the laundry easier.  Despite a few lectures, my family is still having a hard time with this concept.  Mom also had the rule of emptying your pockets, and they’ve been pretty good with that.
  • If there’s a zipper on a pillow, I always make sure the side with the zipper goes into the pillow case first.  There’s been a few times that small metallic object has gotten the best of me (in bed).
  • Vanderbilt basketball player Djery Baptiste already spoke three languages when he arrived in the United States from Haiti, but George Strait taught him English.
  • This Man Made a Movie by Interviewing Himself 38 Years in the Future – Back in 1977, when Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller was 18 years old, he sat in front of a camera and began lobbing questions to an invisible future self, recording what could be called one side of a time-travel talk show. Now, 38 years later, Emshwiller has decided to finally sit down and answer those questions, and the result is an intense, uncanny, and surprisingly moving interview.
  • I’m amazed that one of my readers was able to climb Guadalupe Peak in under three hours, and he was able to confirm it with me as he used a tracking app.  I used one but while checking my stats 36-minutes into the climb, I accidentally stopped the tracking.  That’s what I get for not taking the time to learn how to properly use it.  If this link works, you can open it in GoogleMaps and see my starting and ending points, change the view from map to satellite, and if you click the red end point, it will provide you with a list of stats.  Here are those stats all clumped together:   Total distance: 1.25 km (0.8 mi) Total time: 36:29 Moving time: 27:22 Average speed: 2.06 km/h (1.3 mi/h) Average moving speed: 2.74 km/h (1.7 mi/h) Max speed: 7.62 km/h (4.7 mi/h) Average pace: 29:08 min/km (46:54 min/mi) Average moving pace: 21:52 min/km (35:11 min/mi) Fastest pace: 7:52 min/km (12:40 min/mi) Max elevation: 1967 m (6453 ft) Min elevation: 1757 m (5764 ft) Elevation gain: 188 m (617 ft) Max grade: 32 % Min grade: -1 % 
  • The Atlantic – Why Humans Care for the Bodies of the Dead
  • OXCART vs Blackbird: Do You Know the Difference? –  Often confused with one another, CIA’s A-12 OXCART and the US Air Force’s SR-71 Blackbird are actually two different aircraft.
  • A classic Ford Mustang with a . . . . supercharged Chevy engine.
  • The grand opening will be for 40 days and 40 nights – ‘Young earth’ creationists making $90m full-scale ark to ‘bring the Bible to life’ July 2016 set as opening date for ark replica which Answers in Genesis group says could be one of the ‘wonders of the modern world’ – but it won’t hold livestock
  • This Disney smartwatch can identify anything you touch
  • GIF – Mouse ain’t scared of no cat
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, The 13th, November 2015

  1. Ben W. says:

    A replica ark; seems like a good use for $90M. Also, the article ends with a list of other projects they're planning on building. One of them is the Tower of Babel. We humans don't learn much from history, do we??

    I also find it interesting that this group rejects evolution, but then posits the theory that every species was not on the ark, but rather the variety of fauna that we have now are descendants of a few original species that were in the ark. What am I missing? That sounds like the animals we have now evolved from earlier ancestors into what they are now. Granted, if the Earth is only 6,000 years old, then they would have to do it at such a rapid pace that you'd think that rapid evolution would still be easily observable to us now, but still…

    • Mr. Mike Honcho says:

      I can't help but think Jesus looks down on this $90M ark project, glances over at the impoverished and needy, and then facepalms. *sigh*

      And yes, rejecting natural selection and then stating all bovids today are descendent from one pair is both dishonest and embarrassing.

  2. Dale says:

    I take care of the laundry at my house because I'm better at it and clothes are expensive. For nicer things that you don't dry clean, you want to turn them inside out. Decreases fading and helps preserve the look of the item.

  3. ALEC says:

    My kids also have pull the "teacher mispronounced word" excuse. My next question is (in your case) was "what" one of the spelling words?" if the answer is "no", then there's no excuse.

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