Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 6, 2015

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  • I took that photo above by setting a timer on the camera on my phone, attaching my phone to my belt with a couple of rubber bands, and then grabbing DaughterGeeding’s hands and swinging her around.  For the most part, it turned out alright.
  • On Monday, I stated with the fall time change, I have the best of intentions of using the extra hour to workout in the morning but never follow through.  I had no intention of working out early each morning this week, but the kids just happen to wake me up early and I actually did it all week.
  • Even though I’ve been getting plenty of sleep this week, more than usual each night, I don’t feel as rested as I think I should.  Part of the reason for my getting more sleep, I’ve given up ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Late Show’.
  • While at the time I didn’t like working in a restaurant or in retail, I’ve learned a plethora of life lessons and how to treat people with compassion and respect.
  • Yesterday I was informed I won my company’s Halloween costume contest.  That’s two consecutive years I’ve won that thing.  Last year the prize was only $50 and all I did was dress as Snow White.  I didn’t plan on entering this year, but then I saw first place was $500 bucks, so I sucked up my pride, put on some spandex and other questionable things, and created a new company mascot.  I’d post a picture but I’m not comfortable with revealing the name of my employer at this time.
  • Even though she didn’t inform me, I was surprised that our CEO and one of the co-founders instant messaged and told me how happy it made her and how creative it was, and went on to say that I was her “favorite person in the WHOLE world :-)”.  Should there ever be another round of layoffs, and I pray that will never happen, I sure hope she remembers me.  Although winning a costume contest and needs of the workplace, as well as how my talent is rated, are two very different things.
  • I got an email last night from one of my readers.  It included a picture of Guadalupe Peak.  He’s camping and climbing the mountain with several of his buddies and noted my blog post about my climb as a motivational factor for them to do it.  That’s about the third or fourth person to tell me such a thing, which is quite humbling.
  • My sinuses have been killing me all week.
  • This week I’ve felt like I’ve been swarmed around nothing but dark clouds, but things are finally starting to brighten up.
  • I had dinner with a friend last night, my second oldest friend, actually.  He nailed down my biggest issue with life – I just want to be respected and I rarely feel respected.  Now that I’ve identified the problem, it’s time to do something about it.
  • There’s an upcoming biography about Bush 41 in which he’s quoted as criticising Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.  I’m assuming the author and the former president have worked on this venture for at least a couple of years.  Bush hasn’t been in that great of health as of late and there have been some close moments.  If he were deceased, it would be interesting to see the reactions to his comments, I’m wondering if people would have claimed them to be false or made up.
  • During the summer, WifeGeeding and I enjoy watching ‘Food Network Star’ where contestants compete each week to earn a chance to film a show on the network.  They are having a casting call in Dallas tomorrow.
  • D Magazine is having a Best Pizza in Dallas tournament.  I Fratelli has always tasted like cardboard to me, but then again, I’m biased because it was always ordered where I worked and I tired of it quickly.  Fireside Pies has to be the most expensive for below average pizza in town.  Campisi’s is alright, and I enjoyed Gino’s East when I had it.  We usually head to NY Pizza Pasta in Valley Ranch for our pizza needs, and will occasionally head over to Carmine’s Pizzeria in Lewisville.  But most of the time, it’s usually Palio’s Pizza Cafe is what we order when it’s not from a commercial pizza place.
  • This is a bit surprising, especially after eight straight years, bu there will be no “Big D” NYE celebration at Victory Park this year .  It’s all because the American Airlines Center decided to end the partnership which allowed Big D NYE in Victory Park.  It makes me wonder how many people have already rented a room with a good balcony view at the W to catch the fireworks.  I’ve often thought of doing that to surprise the family.
  • Bindi Irwin has reportedly had her Dancing with the Stars contract rejected because she needs to show proof that her dad, Steve, is actually dead.
  • Ozzy Osbourne visited the Alamo yesterday and apologized for urinating on it.  It was in connection to a piece he taped for his new History Channel show.
  • I’ll first fight each and every one of them – Music fans launch petition to stop Phil Collins’ return to music
  • It’s a hard knock life – Professional Toy Tester Retiring at Age 14: ‘I Can’t Hog the Awesomeness of This Job’
  • GIF – Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • J.J. Abrams helped a dying Star Wars fan see The Force Awakens early
  • Incredible Footage Of An Encroaching Shelf Cloud Off The Australian Coast
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 6, 2015

  1. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Congrats on the contest win, Keith! I think to brighten your day, we readers of your blog should have a contest-in-the-comments to guess what company you work for and what the mascot costume might have looked like.

    I'll go first…

    Lando Lakes Butter?

    or maybe the Nagoya Salami Company?

  2. RPM says:

    Congrats on the contest win. I've always wanted to go as Raoul Duke, although I probably more closely resemble Dr. Gonzo. I've also given up The Daily Show. Anyone would have a tough time following Jon Stewart, but Trevor Noah is a terrible fit. Comedy Central has been doubling down by saying they don't care the ratings are down over 30% because online viewing by millennial males is up, but sooner or later that just won't fly. I wonder how many people will show up at Victory Park anyway unaware that there's no BigD NYE?

  3. ALEC says:

    You are very likeable; therefore my expert psychoanalyses leads me to believe, that you take that as "I'm so well liked, is probably because I'm not respected (I'm a doormat, I never fight battles, I never stand up for myself). The two are not exclusive from each other, I don't know you, but I like you, you seem very down to earth and the kind of person who I would be proud to call friend. I respect you because you are a family man, you are productive member of society and a good Christian.

  4. CalRipkenStats says:

    Small win today!

  5. Alex says:

    Thanks Keith for the motivation for the Guadalupe Peak. My buddy and I finished the ascent in 2 hours and 55 mins and the descent in 2 hours. Great experience…..Wheeler peak is next

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