Bag of Randomness for Thursday, October 8, 2015

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  • My alma mater still sends mail to my dead dog thinking he’s a prospective student.
  • Jack in the Box no longer provides blue straws, which I thought were cool, now they just give you the regular nondescript clear kind.
  • My taste buds have been a bit nostalgic lately, and I’ve realized how much my food preference had changed since high school and college.  When I really wanted to eat badly, I’d get the Jack in the Box ultimate cheeseburger.  They used to air commercials about how ultimate it was because it only had meat, cheese, and bread.  I got one yesterday and now it has extra seasoning and mustard.  And now I can notice the meat texture is just kinda grody, like McDonalds, and nothing like you’d get at Five Guys, Whataburger, or Braums.
  • Somewhat similar, I used to get the grilled chicken muchaco at Taco Bueno all the time.  The last time I ordered it, it came with black beans inside of it and the chicken texture was like that of a yoga mat.
  • Mustard is one of my enemies, so are pickles, especially pickle juice that soaks into the bread of a burger or my Chick-fil-A sandwich.
  • In a little less than two weeks, this website will finally change status  –
  • GIF – This dog will fetch your toddler.
  • GIF – Since I work from home, I have no idea if this would ever happen, but I’m sure it’s something every father cherishes.
  • Comedy Central hid secret Daily Show clips in Google searches for Trevor Noah
  • Buzzfeed – A Toddler’s Head Was Reattached To His Spine After A Horrible Car Crash
  • Buzzfeed – This 14-Year-Old Found Out She Was The Next Disney Princess And Her Reaction Was Amazing
  • A New Trailer For The “Sherlock” Christmas Special – I love this series and think it’s great they are doing a “traditional” version in Victorian London.
  • Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is private property of the Boy Scouts of America.  It is also the filming location for the original Friday the 13th movie.  This upcoming Friday, November 13th, the camp is having its third ever filming locations tour. Tickets go on sale this Monday, October 12th at 10:00 AM.  The last time they offered tickets for a tour, it sold out in eight minutes.  Here’s a YouTube video that offers more details.
  • Not too long ago I made a post about a glass bridge in China.  Now it has cracks after someone dropped a metal mug on it.  Officials state it’s still safe because only one of the three levels of glass is affected.  I’ll just take their word for it.
  • LOONCUPThe world’s first SMART menstrual cup. – The cup is reusable and has a built-in sensor that connects to an app by Bluetooth. During the user’s menstrual cycle, the app receives information about flow-rate, fluid color, how full the cup is, and a countdown timer to inform the user when the cup will need to be emptied.
  • A company called Orian is offering to pay for airline baggage fees (up to six trips a year) if you buy one of their hard-shelled luggage bags that acts as an advertising billboard.
  • The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites – The Boston Globe‘s website takes 30.8 seconds to load advertising content and 8.1 seconds to load editorial content.
  • James Franco Dallas selfie
  • I have a feeling this would be a hard sell since most of the earthquakes come from this area – Proposed plan would bring shops, hotels to old Texas Stadium site
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