Bag of Randomness for Thursday, October 22, 2015


  • While listing to KLUV, our local oldies radio station, I heard U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’.  That made me feel old.  Later in the day, without me tweeting or posting about the song, my pastor emailed me asking for my interpretation.
  • During the middle of Jimmy Kimmel’s monolog last night, the lights went out, fog filled the stage, and a DeLorean rolled on stage with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd who came out and played like they were Marty and Doc Brown.  There were a few other surprise guests and conversation about the future, but personally, I really liked the Biff joke.  I’ll see if I can find the video and post it later.
  • We attending a fall festival that WifeGeeding was in charge of organizing for one of our local organizations.  While eating a Kit Kat, I was surprised it was solid chocolate, not one bit of wafer was inside.
  • Our friends, a family from India, attended the fall festival.  Their two elementary kids made gave me a chuckle with their costumes.  The boy was dressed up as a cowboy from the wild west, and the girl was dressed up as a Native American.  Another way to look at it, an Indian (from South Asia) dressed up as an Indian (Native American).
  • Stewardship season, or drive, or whatever you want to call it is right around the corner for our church.  I think they try to plan it right before Christmas so people will have funds.  Each year we get a letter telling us how to be good stewards of things like our finances and time, but they only ask for a written financial pledge.  I sent an email yesterday suggesting we should also include room on the pledge card to include time, whether it be so many hours a week or month, and provide a few examples on how to do so.  Tracking their time isn’t important, but I think it would get people thinking on how they can get involved and help round out the stewardship message.  It turns out there’s some opposition to the idea when it was brought up years back.
  • It would be funny if the Democratic nominee for president chose Joe Biden as a running mate.
  • @matthewjdowd – i don’t get it about Paul Ryan, he was going to move his family to dc if elected vp, but won’t move them as speaker? it makes no sense.
  • Buzzfeed – A teen girl from Alabama was crowned her school’s homecoming queen and then went out to kick a field goal to help her team win the game.
  • Buzzfeed – 23 Albums You Definitely Owned As A Christian Teenager In The ’90s
  • GIF – Puppy has never seen rain before
  • Church Wi-Fi humor
  • PolitiFact sheet – Does Donald Trump’s ‘SNL’ appearance trigger equal time for the Republican field?
  • ‘Mythbusters’ to end with final season – This is an interesting piece because both hosts were interviewed separately and you can see how different they are and the difficulties they had in making the show.
  • Plano’s first integrated football team looks back on 1965 state championship victory
  • – David Spade Recalls Intense Eddie Murphy Feud in Memoir Excerpt
  • And you can see him try them on – Nike Gifted Michael J. Fox With “Back To The Future” Self-Tying Shoes
  • I’m not sure if I’ll have anything posted tomorrow morning.  My company’s president and CEO will be in town for dinner and it could be a late night out.  I’m not a social person, so this sort of thing isn’t something I’m necessarily looking forward to.  Besides, even though our company have employees in DFW, all my project peers live in Austin, so I really don’t know any of the DFW folk.
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