Bag of Randomness for Monday, October 26, 2015


  • I worked extra hours last week so I could work a half day on Friday to take the family on our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch since DaughterGeeding’s school was letting out at noon.  However, not only did the rain nix the trip, but DaughterGeeding had to come one early because she was sick.
  • However, we did have some good father/daughter time.  She brought my chess set over to me while we were watching television and asked me to teach her the game.  The next hour or so she got a good understanding of how to set up the board and how each piece moved.
  • While eating at Whataburger this weekend I noticed they were out of sweet tea.  I told the lady behind the counter, “I don’t need any at the moment, but you are all out of sweet tea.”  She thanked me and a minute later I saw her go to the restroom with a roll of toilet paper, but I never saw the sweet tea get refilled as I ate my meal.  It then occurred to me that she must have misheard me and thought I said, “I don’t need any at the moment, but you are all out of TP.”
  • Most of GeedingManor has laminate flooring, and I love how it allows the kids to ride their bikes inside.
  • My old church friend will be on tonight’s episode of ‘Jeopardy!’.  She’s been writing about her experience on her blog, which includes how it all started and the audition process.  I found it personable and quite interesting since I always wondered about the process and the behind the scenes stuff.
  • Last season (and once this season) the Cowboys offensive line would do the Landry Shift on the last play of the game in the victory formation to run out the clock for a win.  To end the game on Saturday, I noticed the Texas Longhorns also did the Landry Shift to end the game with a victory, though I haven’t seen any coverage about it.  I know Landry was a Longhorn, so I’m curious to know if this was done in some connection to honor him.  RPM, you are on top of this stuff, let me know if you’ve seen anything.
  • There was news last week of Dez Bryant owning a monkey for a pet so that gives me an excuse to post this GIF of a bundled monkey in the snow.  Here’s the full video if you are interested.
  • The ‘Sherlock’ special will air on the same day in the UK and US, January 1.
  • Tempting picture of the day – When the big toe is no longer the big toe
  • Star Wars action figure humor
  • GIF – Blindfolded man touching a teddy bear‏ – I bet he thinks it’s a tarantula
  • Buzzfeed – Here’s The First Footage Of Shanghai DisneylandSomeone risked sending a drone over the construction site of China’s forthcoming Disney park.
  • Buzzfeed – Someone Made An Exact Replica Of Andy’s Room From “Toy Story” And It Will Blow Your Mind
  • Buzzfeed – An Entire Ontario Town Just Threw A 7-Year-Old Boy With Cancer An Early Christmas
  • The ‘glory riders’ from Texoma Cowboy Church in Wichita Falls road on horseback to the Oklahoma State Capitol on Friday to present the governor with a Ten Commandments plaque.
  • We finally got around to watching the season premiere of ‘The Knick’ and one line really stood out, “The world may not be moving fast enough for us, but it’s moving much too quickly for them.”
  • I went to college in Abilene and one of my internships was at Dyess Air Force Base, which is one of the homes of the B-1 bombers, so I was quite interested in last night’s ’60 Minutes’ that showcased how the bomber is used in the Middle East.  The plane has a crew of four and they were asked what was is most dangerous part of a mission, and they all stated takeoff because that’s when the plane is at its heaviest with fuel and weapons and the heat reduces lift ability.
  • Just about everyone is familiar with that image from the Vietnam War of a young Vietnamese girl running in the middle of a road and screaming from the pain of her body being burned by napalm.  ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ caught up with her and she basically gives her Christian testimony.  You can either watch the segment or read the article here.
  • Woman Who Reviewed 31,000 Books on Amazon Dies
  • Imgur – This is what the interior of your jaw looks like when you still have your baby teeth.
  • Chinese investment company to buy Texas oil fields for $1.3B
  • A beautiful night picture of the Dallas skyline over a flooded Trinity River.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • How an episode of The Simpsons is made
  • Random invention idea – I’ve noticed many cars are not moving when the light changes from red to green because the driver is using a smartphone.  While I prefer people to stay off their smartphones while driving, it would be cool if a car could sense when the light changes and then sound some sort of alert that the light has changed.
  • There was an elderly man at Hutchins BBQ that takes his food and football seriously.  He came in dressed up in an Atlanta Falcons shirt, hat, and jacket.  While eating, he was watching the Falcons game on his iPad and headphones on.
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  1. RPM says:

    I wish I had intel on the Longhorns doing the Landry Shift, but it came as a complete surprise. I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with, but I'm sure it's part of Charlie Strong's commitment to excellence and character. His W/L record may not reflect it yet, but he is doing great things down in Austin.

    I watched The Girl in the Picture and was very touched. That was such a great story and very moving. My allergies may have acted up while watching it.

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