Bag of Magic Kingdom Randomness

  • Hey, I get it, I’m on vacation and shouldn’t be blogging.  But I’m doing it while the rest of the family is asleep and this is a great way for me to replay all the great moments I had for the day and allows me take it all in and appreciate what’s actually happening.
  • The day started off by getting some notifications from friends that Junior Miller of The TICKET talked about the hug I gave him at DFW Airport.  I was able to listen to it on The Unticket’s website, and he got part of the story wrong.  He said I referred to him as Junes, but I actually called him “Mr. Miller” as a way of showing him respect, though I admit it’s can be seen as odd.  He also said that I said thanks for getting me out of bed and off to work, but the truth is that I told him I know what he does for a living is just a job, but how he does it gives me sanity in this crazy world and makes me smile and laugh, and for that, I wanted to say thanks.
  • I’m a dad at Disney World and now that I’m forty, I’m old, so I thought I’d dress the part wearing long black socks with shorts and sneakers, but WifeGeeding wouldn’t let me leave the room in that wardrobe.
  • We took the ferry from the hotel to the Magic Kingdom. It was the first time either kiddo have been on a boat.  During the ride, DaughterGeeding was staring at a park map intensely.  I quickly took it away and told her she can stare at that piece of paper anytime, but for now you need to check out all of our surroundings and take it in.
  • After I scanned my wristband to get in the park, I was also required to have my index finger scanned, and will have to use the same finger to scan again from time to time for park entry.  But another great perk about the wristband is that if a Disney photographer snaps your picture (and there are many) or if a ride snaps your picture, you can see it on the Disney park app (watermarked) and choose to purchase it.
  • I didn’t record it but forever etched in my mind is the look on DaughterGeeding’s face as she turned the corner to get on Main Street USA and saw the castle in full straight ahead.  It dawned on me that kids might be having a hard time to see things and take it all in because of their limited perspective with adults blocking their view, so I made sure they rode my shoulders a lot.
    Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 1.09.12 AM
  • I thought my brother-in-law was going to go all Clark Griswold when he found out the castle was closed for construction/repairs/upgrades and he couldn’t take his daughter through it.  But you could take a look on the inside from the rear entry.  I did witness two castle related engagements, one just outside and another inside of it during a lunch with the princesses.
    Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 1.06.44 AM
  • I noticed a lot of the male Cast Members (regular park employees) were wearing makeup.
  • One of our Fast Passes were used to spend just a few minutes with two princesses, one of which was Cinderella.  BoyGeeding is a big Paw Patrol fan and the leader of the group is a boy named Ryder.  That’s the name he gave Cinderella and she asked him his name.
  • I got to watch a Down syndrome girl, about five years old, meet Cinderella.  The girl was wearing a Cinderella dress and was nervous and shy walking up to the character.  Cinderella was exceptionally kind with her, even taking the time to straighten up her outfit before posing for a picture with her.  At first I thought the girl wasn’t enjoying the moment, but as soon as Cinderella told her good-bye, she looked at her parents, started to jump up and down with pure joy and a huge smile and laugh, and ran into her teary-eyed mother’s arms.
  • I challenged a few princesses to a thumb war, just because.  Ariel was the funniest, prettiest, and hardest to beat.  If I didn’t take BoyGeeding to the restroom, I could have challenged at least four more.
    IMG_20151002_140110 IMG_20151002_095558 IMG_20151002_095417
  • Speaking of BoyGeeding and Ariel, he did not want to get his picture taken with his sister and cousin with her.  But he did so begrudgingly with his new toy sword. Just look at his face as he refused to move it away.  I think these sort of things are better than “the perfect” picture because it makes for a better memory, and in my mind, a better picture.
    IMG_2012 IMG_20151002_140029 IMG_20151002_140031 IMG_20151002_140037 IMG_20151002_140032
  • I rode Space Mountain three times, and the longest I had to wait without a Fast Pass was no longer than twenty minutes.  But due to bad weather, two of those wait times was less than three.  You have to be 44-inches to ride it, and DaughterGeeding was just tall enough.  She wasn’t scared at all and loved it.
  • I used to not like holding hands with anyone, but I have this great sense of pride when holding my daughter’s while walking around the park.  But I noticed she rides the slow rides with a bit of sass.  Most five-year-olds don’t sit like that, do they?
  • Parade time.
  • One of the best pieces of advice I got was to break up the visit to the Magic Kingdom into two parts, that way no one is grumpy and worn out as the day lingers.  So after the parade we were going back to the hotel, and I decided the fastest way out was to follow the back of the parade, which kinda turned into me with BoyGeeding on my shoulders being in the parade waving at the crowd.  That lead to one of the Cast Members taking DaughterGeeding’s hand and escorting her with the parade as they waved to the crowd.  All of that was a bit too magical for WifeGeeding who actually teared up with joy.  It means a lot to have her whole family here, and as a Disney lover, seeing all of us get to be part of the parade.
  • After a little rest, it was playtime at the beach.
  • In the evening we attended the Not So Scarry Halloween Party and did some trick-or-treating and then swapped kids with WifeGeeding’s sister, who wanted to ride little kid friendly rides and we and her child wanted to ride more exciting rides.  WifeGeeding’s sister got the raw end of the deal as ours became so tired from such an eventful day, they simply fell asleep at the park.
    Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 2.10.25 AM
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  1. Melissa says:

    and a good time was had by all…and remember you are NEVER too old for Disney! love y'all got to be part of the parade! great memories!

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