A movie clip that always makes me smile

As Disney fans, we loved the live action and animated movie Enchanted, and you can still catch us singing the songs from time to time.  I’ve heard it described as a parody and love letter to all the Disney classics.   It’s hard to believe the movie is eight years old, but now a sequel with the original main cast seems to be around the corner.

I love this scene and song from the movie.  Central Park was a fantastic location and the choreography (of probably over a thousand people total) is fantastic.  Per IMDB, the five-minute scene took 17-days to shoot.  This song made me fall in love with Amy Adams. Though I do have a thing for Jodi Benson’s singing in The Little Mermaid.  Maybe I have a thing for redheads and not know it. She has a cameo in the movie as well.

So here you go, start your weekend with a smile.


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