Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 9, 2015


  • One of my neighbors asked if I could watch his house for two weeks when he goes back to Mexico for two weeks to visit family.  Yesterday I noticed his sprinklers were running, but one of them was a geyser.  I examined the broken unit and realized I had a spare part that would fix it, and in five or so minutes with just a little digging, it was as good as new.  I don’t expect anything in return, except maybe a thanks, but it’s just my idea of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • We playfully call that neighbor and his wife NAFTA, since she’s from Canada.
  • Former Texas Rangers owner, George W. Bush, will be on The TICKET at 5:10 PM.
  • If I were to advise or provide counsel to Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was held in contempt of court for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, I’d tell her to resign her job, sign a book deal, and go on the speaking circuit.  Resigning would show respect for law but show she’s taking a stand against a conflict of her faith, and she would be financially set for life. She probably wouldn’t be a millionaire, but she’d be comfortable and considered a hero in her circles.
  • I got some comments yesterday about what I wrote regarding TCU girls using Uber, and those comments broadened my perspective and now see how they may be more beneficial from a cost and safety perspective.  Using Uber eliminates the cost of a car, high insurance because of their age, and no parking costs, which can be crazy at college.  It also prevents them from driving while intoxicated, and I think it leaves a transaction trail of where the student is traveling.  Thanks to those that helped widen my view.
  • I caught ’60 Minutes Sports’ last night on Showtime and they had a segment on the main characters of the Friday Night Lights book, 25 years after its release.  Boobie Miles is now a rather large man serving time in prison, but his son is a really good player for one of the Irving schools.
  • I’m four episodes in watching ‘Mr. Robot’ on the USA Network and I now understand the hype.  I remember the lead actor as a very creepy soldier in HBO’s ‘The Pacific’ and was surprised he hasn’t been in more roles since that fantastic performance.
  • Within the last year, Jon Hamm has checked into rehab and split with his girlfriend of 18-years.  Method actor?
  • I’m ashamed I can’t come up with a clever headline – Waco Police: Fully Loaded Handgun Found in Female’s Vagina
  • Vanessa Williams to return to Miss America after 3 decades as head judge – Three decades after she gave up the crown amid a nude photo scandal, Vanessa Williams is returning to the Miss America pageant.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – What Jesus Meant When He Said, “I Didn’t Come To Bring Peace, But A Sword”
  • The True Size Of – Interactively compare the size of a country or state to another country or state.
  • – Pictures of proposed skyscrapers north of downtown Dallas cause a stir in cyberspace
  • @NFLonFOXI will go to my grave saying Tom Brady knew that the balls were deflated’ – @TroyAikman on @TheHerd
  • Dallas couple says newborn was switched in El Salvador – Thankfully they have been reunited with their baby, but get this about the doctor that delivered the baby – Doctor arrested in El Salvador, accused of masterminding kidnapping of newborn baby
  • Voice of Big Tex confronts State Fair of Texas president to get his job back
  • FiveThirtyEight – The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles
  • Whisky returns from space with enhanced flavor
  • ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’
    • Stephen Colbert recently changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of him and his wife kissing.
    • I thought the opening skit could have been better, but I loved the Jon Stewart cameo.  He also serves as an executive producer.
    • The new set is bright, patriotic, and tall, as in it looks like it will get two story use.  Dave had the performance area stage left with his desk stage right, Stephen has it the other way around.
    • He does the voice over for his opening credits, which I’m uncomfortable with, and the opening music didn’t do much for me.
    • He seemed a bit uncomfortable with the monolog, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it.  His comfort zone is behind the desk, and that was noticeable. Dave was also not great with the monolog and excelled at the desk.  I think Carson, Leno, and Conan were the best when it came to the monolog. The Les Mooves/Mentalist bit was good.  I’m also glad Stephen still has a bit of a fake format to his after commercial bit, it a strength and kinda trademark.  But he probably should have use that time to interact with his band leader, Jon Batiste, and introduce him to us.
    • It was very cool to see he and Fallon do a bit.  If you watched until the closing credits, you got to see Fallon appear again in a cute lockerroom bit.
    • I’m not a fan of the lighted background behind his desk, it’s a bit distracting.  I also think the band area looks clumsy and unorganized.  The music had too much of a New Orleans jazz feel.  I can understand that to an extent, but it seemed to be present all the time.
    • I was surprised his first show ran long, and the show certainly is geared towards a younger audience.
    • I miss having a top ten list, even if they sometimes sucked.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  1. Baylor Too says:

    Colbert: Way too many commercials.

  2. RPM says:

    Read they had to stop tape twice due to technical issues. Once with Jeb Bush and the other was the closing number that had to be completely reshot. The show felt like extended versions of acts 2 & 3 of The Report.

  3. Ben W. says:

    Like the rest of the late-night shows, I'll probably only watch Colbert if there's a guest that I'm interested in. I thought the first show was uneven, but I expect that from a first show. Fallon is the only one I watch regularly, and even with that I rarely watch the monologue.

  4. Jason Truitt says:

    Method actor?

    Too soon.

    As for the TCU students, you were correct yesterday. If a student has transportation cost issues, Uber is not the way to go except for maybe once-weekly use.

    When my son went to UT he took his truck, but he found an apartment on the bus line and took the bus to and from school. It was dirt cheap (free for students, actually), and he used it to avoid parking, because it was fast and predictable, and because driving a 3/4 ton truck around Austin isn’t terribly convenient. He’d even rent those Smart cars that you can get at random around town to try them out.

    But bopping around campus using Uber several times a day is not a cost saver. It’s lazy. It’s exactly what you’d expect to see at an expensive private school with co-eds who don’t want their eyeliner to run or hair to get frizzy while walking to class.

  5. John Mackovic says:

    When when I went to UT many years ago, the University had a program that offered free cab rides home to students. You could just call a number and they'd send a cab out. All you needed was your student ID.

  6. towski says:

    Gun in the vagina jokes/headlines:

    Go Ahead, Make My Va-Jay-Jay

    The can take my gun when they can pull it from my cold, dead marriage.

    Texas woman's explosive new birth control method!

    Everything really is bigger in Texas!

    Life ends at conception.

  7. Triple Fake says:

    Before I saw that the pistol was a S&W, my headline for the concealed weapon: It's a new form of birth control called Coltus Interruptus

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