Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, September 8, 2015


  • Took that picture as we drove by Fellowship Church this weekend as they are promoting their special Quarterback series (promo video included in link) with guest speakers Tony Romo, Troy Aikman, and Ryan Tannehill.  The roof has a gigantic inflatable novelty football on top, and the front lawn had what looked like four regulation sized goal posts (two are pictured) and giant profiles of each quarterback.  If their goal was to get my attention, mission accomplished.
  • We ate at Hutchins BBQ on Labor Day and I saw a group of senior citizens wearing Trump 2016 shirts and a few of those “Make America Great Again” hats.
  • While driving to Hutchins we drove on what looked like a fairly new six-lane street that had streets signs with a cyclist on it telling us to share the road.  You’ve heard me rant about cyclists on a busy road before, so what went through my mind was if they were building a new road in an affluent area, why expand it by just a little to included a dedicated bike lane.
  • CBS11 interviewed a few TCU girls about a fake Uber driver in their area.  Each stated they use the service at least one to three times a day.  Sometimes the wealth and advantage certain young folks have amazes me.
  • She will never confirm this, but I’m pretty darn sure WifeGeeding went more than 48-hours without a bath or a shower this weekend.
  • During last night’s game at halftime between The Ohio State University and Virginia Tech, there was a Virginia Tech commercial that featured a girl wearing black workout gear running bleachers.  It seemed like she was supposed to be famous but I couldn’t place her, do any of you have any idea who she is?
  • The program guide had that game scheduled for 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  The fourth quarter didn’t even start until 9:45 PM.  I don’t understand why the networks always label theses games for three hours when that hasn’t happened for probably well over a decade now as the game has changed.
  • I posted something about this not too long ago, but I think this is a better write-up – Every NFL player and stadium will be equipped with RFID sensors and receivers, respectively, this football season, allowing the league to track fine-grained location data for every play.
  • I saw KMart Christmas commercial this weekend.  Technically it may be a commercial for their layaway program, but it was Christmas themed.
  • Looking forward to see what Stephen Colbert will bring tonight for his first “Late Show”.  His hair isn’t as coifed as it normally is, which I think is a subtle change to show he’s different than the Stephen Colbert character he’s most known for playing.
  • Spoilers – Inside the secret tests of Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’
  • Tom and Jerry and Micky stood out – If Cartoon characters got old
  • Lawyer claims Williamson County Texas Commissioners want Baptist employees only
  • Petition: Pass Federal Law Mandating Public Officials Be Sworn In On The Constitution Not The Bible
  • If you need something to make you smile this morning, check out this GIF of a toddler going through an obstacle course.
  • Buzzfeed – Teens Are Using Fake Calculator Apps To Hide Photos From Their Parents
  • FreegalMovies – Freegal is a streaming video service from your library. All you need is your library card number and some libraries utilize a PIN. Freegal offers access to thousands of feature films and television episodes from major content providers. There is no software to download as the service is browser or app based, like popular services you may have used before. Access to Freegal is limited to patrons of subscribing libraries, while in the United States.
  • DallasNews.comThe last Southwest Conference season was 20 years ago. It was an awkward one – Things that stood out because I forgot about them or never knew:
    • In most respects, 1995 was an image improvement from the previous year — when A&M finished 10-0-1 (its only blemish being a tie with 1-9-1 SMU in San Antonio), but was ineligible for the title and bowl consideration due to NCAA sanctions.
    • Instead, Tech, Texas, Baylor, TCU and Rice were declared co-champions with 4-3 conference records, with the Red Raiders advancing to the Cotton Bowl on the “last appearance” rule. They hadn’t been since 1939. Rice hadn’t been since ’57, TCU since ’58.
    • Lubbock, has always been one of those strange and tough places to play – A&M fell at No. 7 Colorado in its third game and two weeks later saw its 29-game SWC unbeaten streak end in Lubbock, 14-7.
    • Rice had lost to Baylor in the first SWC game, on Oct. 15, 1915, so for symmetry the Owls scheduled their 1995 finale against Houston 90 minutes after the Texas-A&M kickoff.  The Cougars pulled out an 18-17 victory. Afterward, a fan was escorted to midfield to turn off Rice Stadium’s lights, symbolically closing the curtain on SWC football.
  • Somewhat recent Tweets of interest:
    • @dpbrugler – The AP poll ranked ASU 15th in the top-25 and left out Texas A&M. Yet Vegas favored the Aggies over ASU. Those guys in the desert know.
    • @bagofnothingOn this Labor Day let us remember Jesus’ sacrifice as he led those animals on the Ark to cross the Delaware to fight Santa Anna
    • @junior_miller – Art Briles: great coach, freaky hair.


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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    I miss the SWC. Used to have a poster on my wall almost like this one.

  2. BSG says:

    Tech played USC in the Cotton Bowl and USC exploded in the first quarter. I had a buddy who called me 15 minutes into the game because he had missed the start exclaiming, "What happened?!!!" I think Keyshawn Johnson was a big player in it.

  3. John Mackovic says:

    – And the Longhorns went to the Sun Bowl and beat up on Mack Brown's UNC Tar Heels.

  4. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Yep, Mr. Honcho, Wife Honcho, and BIL all went to that Cotton Bowl to see Tech get drilled by USC. Wife Honcho had a classmate playing for Tech. We were pumped up to be there, but that lasted as long as that first Tortilla toss.

    The Ohio State game is another example of how long NCAAFB is becoming. Ugh.

  5. milobp says:

    re: TCU girls using Uber
    Uber 3 times a day may be cheaper than a car + insurance + parking, etc. at TCU. Not sure, but it could! Daddy and Mommy also control that credit card and can see where she's been with Uber.

    • Ben W. says:

      Plus, Uber = no DWIs. If it keeps drunk college kids off the road, then I say kudos to Mom & Dad for paying for it.

  6. David Bryant says:

    Have a friend that drivers for Uber. He claims to make big bucks around TCU for game days and normal Thu-Sat weekend partying. Same around the Arlington stadiums on their game days. Basically it is a guarantee against DUI. That can be pretty wise.

    Another interesting tidbit is my friend got pulled over for speeding while transporting an obviously drunk passenger. The cop sent him on his way with a warning and, what my friend interpreted as a 'thanks for keeping that person off the road' salute.

    As for the driver, he says he is making good money, but I truly question whether he really understands his operational costs.

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