Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 4, 2015

  • I was all excited to watch some college football, but after a while I remembered what I can’t stand most about college football – the games are too dang long.
  • I also noticed with the start of football season there are new commercials for drugs that treat erectile dysfunction.  Heck, one lady is even wearing a football jersey.
  • I’m having an issue with my DirecTV DVR that I couldn’t solve by first researching their website and forums, so I decided to call them using the number provided on their website for Customer Service – 1-800-531-5000.  That number gave me two options, press 1 if you are want to order new service and press 2 if you are an existing customer.  I press 2, and then it tells me I called the wrong number and the number I need to call is . . . 1-800-531-5000 – the exact same number.  I ended up calling the other number on that Contact Us page, which is to order service, and it provided with the correct prompts to get the technical assistance I needed.
  • Good to hear Tom Brady finally got a break in life.
  • The ultimate neighborhood (news video) for the most passionate Disney fan.
  • I bet many of you think that I support anything I post, but that would be incorrect.  Most of the time I will post a link but won’t provide any commentary, and it’s just stuff that I think others would simply find interesting or broaden their perspective on things.  Most of the time, that’s why I post it, I found it interesting and it broadened my perspective, and sometimes I agree with it, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I’m stuck in the middle as I see both sides.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – The 3 Biblical Options for a Theology of HellFar too many of us grow up with a singular concept of hell—often one that seems to paint God as one who delights in torturing people. Thankfully, there are other options one can hold while still keeping one’s feet firmly planted in the historic, orthodox Christian faith.
  • I wonder if there’s a flow chart for a worker to follow to see if part of their job goes against or damages their religious faith, and at what point to stay in that position or go elsewhere.  I think about those that are against drinking (or maybe even eating non-kosher stuff) but work the checkout line at a grocery store or serve food in a restaurant.  Those that believe women have a limited role in society and have to issue drivers licenses or count voting ballots.  The pharmacy workers that are against abortion and process birth control prescriptions.  Those opposed to divorce but work at a bank or  brokerage firm and have to process the division of assets. And then there’s that whole Kentucky mess.  Personally, I think for her to resign would have made a bolder statement.
  • Instagram account – Disneyland Celebrity Sightings
  • Buzzfeed – This Is What A Bacon Festival Looks Like
  • Buzzfeed – Taco Bell Has Created A Taco Shell Made Of Chicken Meat
  • I think I’ve heard or read something about how great the show ‘Mr.Robot’ on the USA Network every day this week.
  • Chinese smartphone giant Huawei unveiled a new phone that can weigh objects directly on the screen.
  • New Chrome browser update coming – In a soon-to-be-released update to the Chrome browser, Google will no longer allow sounds and videos to load in background tabs. You will have to click on a tab to load a video or streaming media file — even if it is set to auto-play.
  • 31 ways Texans’ lives changed because of new laws that took effect Sept. 1
  • Dallas has its own parody news website – The Dallas Brisket is a completely unorganized satire news network of unskilled and unprofessional contributors here to provide comedy and on occasion raise awareness about an issue through comedy.
  • The Verge – Kids who grow up on farms are far less likely to develop asthma or allergies compared with the average child — and now scientists think they know why.
  • Google now helps you easily look up details for 900 illnesses
  • The Asus VivoStick is a $129 PC-on-a-stick that runs Windows 10
  • I wasn’t aware that for a short trip a reduced flush is triggered as opposed to a full flush – The truth about bathroom sensors (and why they fail so often)
  • It would be great if A Confederacy of Dunces could ever be turned into a movie.
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 4, 2015

  1. Uppercase Matt says:

    A bacon festival sounds better than a sausage fest in every possible way.

  2. Michael Willoughby says:

    You might enjoy this article.

    • Geeding says:

      Thanks for the article, Michael. Sadly, here's the update to it saying it won't get made, but I loved the idea for the cast and concept:

      A version adapted by Steven Soderbergh and Scott Kramer, and slated to be directed by David Gordon Green, was scheduled for release in 2005. The film was to star Will Ferrell as Ignatius and Lily Tomlin as Ignatius's mother. A staged reading of the script took place at the 8th Nantucket Film Festival, with Ferrell as Ignatius, Anne Meara as his mother, Paul Rudd as Officer Mancuso, Kristen Johnston as Lana Lee, Mos Def as Burma Jones, Rosie Perez as Darlene, Olympia Dukakis as Santa Battaglia and Miss Trixie, Natasha Lyonne as Myrna, Alan Cumming as Dorian Greene, John Shea as Gonzales, Jesse Eisenberg as George, John Conlon as Claude Robichaux, Jace Alexander as Bartender Ben, Celia Weston as Miss Annie, Miss Inez & Mrs. Levy, and Dan Hedaya as Mr. Levy.[17]

      Various reasons are cited as to why the Soderbergh version has yet to be filmed. They include disorganization and lack of interest at Paramount Pictures, the head of the Louisiana State Film Commission being murdered, and the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.[12] When asked why the film was never made, Will Ferrell has said it is a "mystery".[18]

      In 2012 there was a version in negotiation with director James Bobin and potentially starring Zach Galifianakis.[19]

      In a 2013 interview, Steven Soderbergh remarked "I think it’s cursed. I’m not prone to superstition, but that project has got bad mojo on it."[20]
      <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  3. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Great pic today. #tipshat

    YAY FOOTBALL! Such a great time of the year with the Fall season coming, Kids back in school, hunting season kicking off, and Football back. But I will concur with you on NCAAFB… best games, but waaay too long.

    Interesting article about Theology of Hell. I will have to go reread that a couple of more times and think about it.

    31 for 31; the most germane item to Mr. Honcho was #2 – making college aid more accessible to the middle class. The current saying is "you better be rich or poor if you want to send your kids to college." And it is spot on. Want to spend an hour crying in the shower? Go calculate how much longer you will work as a middle-aged, middle class man trying to figure out how to put the kiddos through college.

    • Ben W. says:

      Benjamin L. Corey has done a series of articles dealing with the concept of hell. I'd encourage you to read through as many as you can, because they are well written and thought provoking.

      He makes an immensely persuasive argument for the theology of annihilationism. He also does a good job of shining a light on the misconceptions that Western Christianity has about hell, too. Great reading, and with the long weekend coming up, you have plenty of time to read about hell, right? 🙂

      • Mr. Mike Honcho says:

        Those were very good articles. I need to spend some time on his site checking out some of his other writings. Thanks

  4. RPM says:

    Let me guess, your DirecTv receiver was locking up after a commercial? Mine started doing that this week. First it was an American Express commercial, then several others started doing it. Looks like it's only happening on Turner owned channels (TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network). They told me it's a known issue and they are working on it. But, no estimate when it will be fixed. Hope I don't lose a recording because of it.

    Also after you enter your number and select programming or technical support you can just say "agent" or press 0 and it transfer you to a live human.

  5. Triple Fake says:

    Any movie made would need to be much better than the book. I finally read it about ten years ago, and was greatly disappointed. There were no likeable or relatable characters in it for me

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