S— Just Got Real


  • This little girl woke up and acted as if she was going to Disneyland.  Without being told, she made and ate her own breakfast and put on her uniform a good half hour before we were ready to leave.
  • Things were surprisingly organzied this morning at the school.
  • WifeGeeding was a kindergarten teacher all of her adult life before becoming a mom, and has strongly stated she wouldn’t cry on this day because she’s been through it enough time on the opposite side.  I tried to get her to shed a tear on the way to school by talking about the time the pregnancy test came back positive, hearing her heartbeat for the first time, and getting a good whiff of that new baby smell the first time she held her in her arms.  Nope, no tears, WifeGeeding was solid as a rock.
  • To my surprise, not one parent or child cried.  However, when we said our final goodbye, I took a quick u-turn after leaving to see what she looked like through an inside window.  She had the look of, wow, this is real, and I’m all alone, but I got to be strong, and I don’t know what to expect yet.  All I could do was think of all I’ve done to prepare her for this moment.
  • Don’t think I don’t know how lucky/blessed/fortunate I am. I go to bed nightly thinking I don’t deserve any of this.
  • I remember my father dropping me off the first day of kindergarten, and as I drove back home with the sun in my face, I thought of Dad and wondered what he must have thought as he was driving away from school.  While that thought was going through my mind, Mike and the Mechanics’ “The Living Years” was playing on the radio.
    • I wasn’t there that morning
      When my Father passed away
      I didn’t get to tell him
      All the things I had to say

      I think I caught his spirit
      Later that same year
      I’m sure I heard his echo
      In my baby’s new born tears
      I just wish I could have told him in the living years

      Say it loud, say it clear
      You can listen as well as you hear
      It’s too late when we die
      To admit we don’t see eye to eye

  • When I got home I texted one of my best friends who I met in kindergarten, graduated with, roomed with in college, worked at the same place after college, and lived in multiple apartments with.  I told him, ” Just think, we met each other in kindergarten and have been lifelong friends. I doubt she’ll be as lucky as me.”  His reply, “I’m sure she will find a friend that puts her in a trunk in college too.”
  • As for BoyGeeding, ain’t nothing going to stop him from eating his waffle.


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  1. KC1 says:

    I'm crying…..such a beautiful family and such a special day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Neighbor Payne says:

    This is awesome…

  3. sara says:

    Great post, lovely fam. God Bless.

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