Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 25, 2015


  • One hour and nine minutes – That’s how long we waited in our car to pick up DaughterGeeding from her first day of school.  Obviously, they have some kinks to work out from the first day of school, which I expected.  Not to mention, it was the first day of the school’s existence.
  • I noticed the headmaster was outside, still with a well-tied tie and three-piece suit, running around in the Texas heat directing traffic and using his walkie-talkie to radio other staff about what kid to get ready for what car.  Now that I think about it, I don’t really recall any of my principals wearing a suit often, but that was certainly the norm way back when.  I wonder when they first started to go without the coat and tie, and I bet the older generation was ticked about how lazy and unprofessional society has become.
  • We didn’t expect DaughterGeeding to be crying or sad her first day, but when he hit the half-hour mark of sitting in the car with a never ending number of vehicles in front of us, we started to think she might be breaking down, that we forgot about her, and sad, tired, and ready to get home.  But when she walked out the school, she had a big ol’ smile on her face, with a skip in her step, and as perky as one could be.  She said she never doubted we’d show because she knew we love her and told her we would.  That little nugget went on to tell us how fun the day was and that she was ready to go back tomorrow.  And to our surprise, she was excited about getting home to do her homework.  I know, this won’t last, but I’m going to cherish it while I still can.
  • One of the first things she said when she got in the car was, “Hello BrotherGeeding, did you miss me?”
  • DaughterGeeding did wake up crying after falling asleep for about a half hour thinking she didn’t complete all of her homework.
  • I’m grateful I have a job that allows me to fantastic work-life balance.  It’s times like yesterday that I don’t take my job for granted.
  • Life keeps on changing and things will never be the same, and I tend to forget that.  Yeah, DaughterGeeding was in preschool for two years, but now everything seems so “real” and will now become the norm.
  • Americans awarded France’s highest honor after stopping European train attack –  I’m proud of those individuals, but thought they were underdressed for the occasion.  I know, cut them some slack.
  • Authorities foil drone-delivery of porn, drugs and gun to Maryland prison
  • I tend to think no one really cares about the pictures at the top of each Bag of Randomness, but sometimes I get an email saying it touched them emotionally or reminded them about something.
  •  I was listening to some non-Ticket radio, and I’m not even sure what station I was on, but the focus of the conversation was about how all Briles and Baylor needs to do is let the convicted sexual assaulter story just blow over, just ride it out, since it worked for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  When I first heard of that, it really made me think, and perhaps it was the inflection in the man’s voice, but it seemed insensitive, as if he cared more about the reputation of the football program and school, than he did about student safety and the sexual assault of one student.  Talking about worshiping false idols and not having any priorities.  As much as I didn’t like what and how it was said, I do think no one comes out of this totally clean, even if it’s an inside investigation.  My money would be on Phil Bennet for acknowledging how that player would be coming back and referencing something about his discipline, so it sounds like he’s in the know.  Not to mention, his defense hasn’t been that strong and he would be an easy scapegoat.
  • Two suicides are linked to Ashley Madison leak, including a San Antonio police captain
  • Whataburger delivery is being tested in Dallas
  • Heinz no longer qualifies as ketchup in IsraelCompetitors prove product doesn’t have minimum tomato content
  • GIF – Today’s dose of ‘MURICA
  • One flu shot could soon protect against any strain
  • There are no human injuries, but here’s the result of a pressure cooker accident in the kitchen.
  • The Brandon High School band is banned from playing at halftime during football games since they want to play ‘How Great Thou Art’.  With no band at halftime, supporters in the stands start singing the hymn.
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10 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 25, 2015

  1. Melissa says:

    they were talking about the young men that were awarded the honor by France on the Today Show yesterday; apparently they were on vacation and they didn't have anything but casual clothes with them so they went with it. I'm guessing vacation budget didn't include enough to buy dress clothes for the occasion or there were time constraints. but who knows…maybe i have it all wrong.

  2. ALEC says:

    A headmaster in a suit and tie reflects professionalism, discipline and in the Texas heat-sacrifice.
    I totally loath casual Fridays. My question is "are you getting paid less today?"

    • Geeding says:

      I'm very fortunate to be making more today than I ever had. Despite having to make a few small sacrifices, I'm thankful that I'm able to give WifeGeeding something she always wanted, to be a stay-at-home mom. Everyday I fear this might end, that somehow they will "fix the glitch", but for now I work hard everyday to prove I'm worth more than what they are paying.

  3. Ben W. says:

    The first day of school is horrendous, traffic wise, regardless of where you are. Add in the fact that it's the school's first day ever, and that's a recipe for disaster. I suspect within a week things will normalize.

    Glad she had a great first day. And you're exactly right – it's amazing to look back and see how things just become our new "normal." The days drag, but the years fly, indeed.

    Wearing a suit in this heat is a great way to sweat through it, which means it needs to be cleaned, and frequent cleaning breaks down a suit and greatly shortens its lifespan. Thus, wearing a suit in this heat is fiscally irresponsible. You should take DaughterGeeding out of a school that is run by such a short-sighted leader who is willing to sacrifice money for vanity/appearance. 😉

    The high-school band story annoys me. I'm staunchly in favor of the separation of church and state, from both a political and religious standpoint. But as a huge band nerd, this is silly. The band's halftime show doesn't represent the school/government's viewpoint, it represents art. If the band had chosen to play an excerpt from a Wagnerian opera, would that mean the school/government was supporting Nazism? Or if they chose to play Shostakovitch, that the school/government supported Communism? No. So I'm not sure where the confusion lies here. How frustrating.

  4. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Great "First Day" story. Soak those moments up; the days fly past so fast that before you know it they are a Junior and driving themselves to school.

    I try to take one of my children each day to school. Those few minutes in the car are some of the best you ever get as a parent.

    "I was listening to some non-Ticket Radio…" Curious, how often do you do that lately? More than the past few years? I'm interested because I find I am turning the dial more often than not, especially in the afternoon.

    Agreed with other commenters on the Brandon High School band story. There are a lot of witches out there if you look hard enough.

    • Geeding says:

      I'm usually always listening to the Ticket, but I will station surf during a commercial and that's how I heard that segment. I'll also turn it if the kids are in the car and I deem some inappropriate, and the weekends are free range.

    • John Mackovic says:

      I've come to the conclusion that The Hardline sucks and I no longer want to waste my time listening to it. I just listen to podcasts during the drive home.

  5. @solmidog says:

    I like the pictures. Honestly, I often steal them and then tweet them as my own.

  6. Jason H.G. Truitt says:

    I totally steal some of your pictures.

    And it looks like the Vietnamese heritage is strong in DaughterGeeding if she's already having homework nightmares. That'll cost you some counseling down the road.

    Not every Baylor grad is happy about Baylor's recent stance. Briles is a horrible human being, and the school needs to take responsibility for his actions.

  7. Bryan says:

    My 4 year old started pre-k at the public school where my wife works and it too seemed very "real" compared to her last 2 years at a small private preschool. I had a similar experience with pick up. It was 20 minutes after the end of school before she was finally in the car and I had the same fears of my daughter being distraught thinking we were leaving her there. (She has fought some massive anxiety issues over the last year, so you never know what might happen.) Little did I know that my wife had stopped by the pick up line to make sure she knew I was coming. Loved hearing your first day of school thoughts.

    I find myself listening to The Ticket a little less these days, but not because I'm particularly tired of anything. I've just found myself listening to music a lot more lately, especially with the kid in the car.

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