Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 21, 2015


  • A 90-year-old former president with cancer that has spread to his brain said he still wants to fulfill his obligation to go to Nepal and help build houses to support Habitat for Humanity, and teach Sunday school as he’s physically able.  That’s a man full of substance and integrity.
  • I’m surprised we haven’t seen campaign reporters ask the candidates about their thoughts of Carter and his cancer.  I feel like the media likes to do that sort of thing.  For example, when Ted Kennedy was diagnosed, the media was talking to the candidates.  Carter’s cancer may not be as severe or terminal as Kennedy’s, but he’s 90 and it’s spread to his brain.  But then again, we may be at a different point in the election cycle.
  • Whenever I see a clip of Jeb Bush as of late, he looks tired and weary, like he needs more sleep and he’s emotionally drained.  It also seems like he’s having to play more defense than offense, and that’s not how to campaign.  And all of this also applies to Hillary.  They both look as if they are dreading being out there and have that look of, “Oh crap, it’s Christmas time again, time to put on a happy face and survive the season. I dread putting up the tree, hanging up the lights, shopping, wrapping presents, small talk with the in-laws, pretending I like presents I don’t. The music and traditions have just lost their meaning, and I just don’t identify with the new stuff.  Elf on the Shelf? Kwanza?  I just wish Christmas day would just get here, but I know the real important day is actually Easter.  Oh look, cookies and egg nog!”
  • I don’t feel as passionate about this upcoming presidential election cycle as I have for previous ones.  Of course, I have my leanings, but I feel detached from it this time around though I like analyzing and playing armchair pundit.  I bet a lot of this comes from passionate yet converse feelings towards Obama and W.
  • I’d love to know who is on Trump’s short list for VP.  Part of me thinks he wants anti-establishment, but then part of me thinks having someone from the establishment adds some depth and credibility to the ticket.  But then again, I’m way ahead of myself.
  • I’m posting this GIF solely because it immediately made me think of loyal reader RPM – This guy has really Beefed up the motor
  • I’m only posting this link because it immediately made me think of loyal reader Ben – Buzzfeed – Are You More Disneyland Or Walt Disney World? – I’m betting the farm that he is more WDW.
  • Surprising to me – Trump pushes Cruz out of lead in Texas poll
  • Josh Duggar Admits to Cheating on His Wife Anna Duggar: “I Have Been the Biggest Hypocrite Ever”
  • When pop culture meets history: A comparison of David Crockett and Jebediah Springfield
  • Florida gun range will have restaurant that serves booze
  • Kentucky news – Drunk man tries to dig up dead father to argue with his corpse – That headline reminds me of the time in history when Pope Stephen VI had the body of Pope Formosus dug up and put on trial.  Eventually, Stephen was overthrown and strangled to death.
  • Meijer is being investigated because their prices are considered too low by Wisconsin state law.
  • Kathie Lee Gifford Explains Why She Didn’t Have a Funeral for Frank Gifford – Basically because he hated them.
  • One of my closest friends is sick in the hospital and he stated the atmosphere is driving him stir crazy, that whole cabin fever feeling.  Since he loves Apple, I sent him an iTunes gift card email with a list of movies I thought he’d enjoy.
  • GIF – I love blowing the paper off a straw, but I doubt I would ever make that shot.
  • When I say the word “texted” I always pause because I can’t decide if it’s one or two syllables.  That is, if it’s two syllables, should I emphasize the “ed”, as in “text-ed”.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 21, 2015

  1. Ben W. says:

    Your farm is safe – I'm more WDW. Although the quiz made me laugh – one of the questions asks for the best place to "rest your feet," and one of the options is a 30-minute show where you are required to stand. Oops.

    The original text of the Duggar confession was a little different. In it, he talked about Satan building a fortress in his heart and his porn addiction. I'm guessing his PR firm was none too happy with him using "the devil made me do it" as an excuse.

    Frankly, I'd be shocked if I went to a gun range in Florida and there WEREN'T people there who were at least slightly intoxicated. This country has such a weird fixation on guns and violence.

  2. Deus ex Machina says:

    " I’d love to know who is on Trump’s short list for VP. "

    The only names I've heard so far are Johnny Knoxville and Jerry Springer, but I'm sure there must be others.

    "Trump pushes Cruz out of lead in Texas Poll"

    Cruz is the only person Trump has not attacked yet. There is speculation Cruz has been aligning himself with Trump in order to grab all of his votes when Trump runs out of gas.

    Just listening to Bush speak yesterday made me think this is a man who just doesn't care about campaigning and that it's been a lot harder than he ever imagined it would be.

    Your rant on Christmas just reinforced my promise to myself that this is year Christmas is going to be a lot different at our place…the main theme will be streamlining.

  3. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Campaigns… I agree with you. The lack of interest I have in this presidential election is uncomfortably large.

    WDW. By a landslide.

    Duggar… another example of "…mote in own eye…" See Bristol Palin, etc etc.

  4. RPM says:

    Beefed up motor guys… I like the cut of their jib! If they made the skewers rotate it would be perfect.

    The Frisco Gun Club has a full bar.

    I'm not the least bit excited about this election. None of the candidates in either party have done or said anything to attract my vote. Although there are several that have made the "no way" list.

    Sad news about President Carter. I always thought he was one of the smartest men to hold the office but the stars were lined up against him. He was a nuclear engineer in the Navy personally selected by Rickover and was lowered into the crippled Chalk River reactor for a few minutes at a time, while they disassembled the crippled reactor after a meltdown. Guts. Also a likely source of his cancer.

  5. Triple Fake says:

    the Davy Crockett/Jebediah Springfield article is a good read. Curious that the iconic image of Crockett swinging his musket at the Alamo was painted by a man named Onderdonk, and Underdunk is the middle name of Simpsons character Sideshow Bob. Coincidence? or the result of a creator/writer doing research and adapting an unusual name for comedic purposes? Hmmm…
    Triple Fake Lynyrd Skynyrd

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