The Edge & Adam Clayton Perform With A U2 Cover Band

Man, this would tick me off to no end if I was in the audience.  Here I am, taking time out of my schedule to enjoy a cover band, and then I can’t even watch them play because the people who came up with the original material wants to steal the spotlight.  Gosh, what a bunch of attention whores.  Why don’t they put on their own concert? If I wanted to go to a U2 concert, I’d go to a U2 concert, there’s a reason why I’m at the cover band’s concert – to see the actual cover band.

U2 have spent the past couple of months bringing special guests – an Elvis impersonator, a Canadian U2 cover band, Lady Gaga – onto the stage at their own shows. But on Wednesday night, they brought the act to a higher level when The Edge and Adam Clayton joined the New York-based U2 tribute band Unforgettable Fire at The Cutting Room, a club in New York that seats 450 people.

Making the appearance even more special, the show was part of U2 fan site @U2’s 20th anniversary celebration. Nobody involved with the event knew that half of U2 would even appear at the party until moments before they walked onstage. “It was mind-boggling,” @U2 founder Matt McGee tells Rolling Stone. “Our whole crew has been trading texts all morning saying, ‘Did that really happen?'”

Source: Watch the Edge, Adam Clayton’s Shock Performance With U2 Cover Band | Rolling Stone

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