‘Game of Thrones’ This and That

So, Who’s Winning the Game of Thrones?

We know that in the game of thrones, you win or you die. And we know who’s dead. So…who’s winning? We’ve put together a comprehensive video tracking all five seasons of HBO’s grimly set jawline spectacular Game of Thrones, so that you can quickly and easily know who’s winning, and who’s dying.

Man, this video cleared a whole lot of stuff for me, I got a tad lost in the massive and complex storyline and this pieced a lot of it together.

The Evolution of Game of Thrones’ Effects With VFX Boss Joe Bauer

When you get a chance to talk to Game of Thrones’ VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, you don’t ask him about the weather. So we didn’t—instead, we asked him to discuss the greatest FX scenes over the show’s five seasons in this exclusive io9 video, and the show’s ever-evolving with practical effects and digital wizardry.


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