Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, July 8, 2015


  • While registering our vehicle online I remembered how we use to place an actual small rectangle sticker on the actual license plate back in the day.  Dad used to let me put those on when I was a kid, and I felt it was a real important job.
  • It’s open enrollment for benefits at work again, and during a meeting about this yesterday it hit me that our current year deductible totals end at the end of the month.  I bet most places just use the calendar year, but we have to be different for some reason.  With about $500 to reach my deductible, I went ahead and schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to look at my bum knee today.  When you visit his practice’s website, there’s an endorse from Icky Woods of all people.  I might trust Icky about some cold cuts recommendations, but I’m not so sure about the medical field.
  • I got my invite from Google to partake in their new mobile phone service, Project Fi.  Users are limited to only one phone, the Nexus 6, but service is only $20 a month with unlimited voice and text, and then a choice of $10-per-gigabyte tiers, so it would only cost me $30 a month, and what data I don’t use would be credited back to my account.  It works by using both Sprint and T-Mobile networks (the two with the worst coverage in DFW) and open Wi-Fi networks, so I’d be switching from Sprint to Sprint/T-Mobile/WiFi, which isn’t much of an upgrade regarding coverage.  My contract with Sprint ends on the ninth of September, and Project Fi invitations don’t expire, so I think I can wait about 60 days.  As for the phone, I can buy one for $500 (I just happen to have $200 gift card to Best Buy) or you can finance through Google for about $21 a month.
  • One more phone note, I have the choice of getting an entire new phone number, transferring over my current number I have with Sprint, or using my Google Voice number.  My Google Voice phone number, after the area code, is GEEDING.  So you could dial (—)-GEEDING and reach me.  If I choose not to use my Google Voice number, I lose that number, so no one can call (—)-GEEDING and reach me.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll probably just keep my number from Sprint since most folks have that number and that would save me the trouble of having to contacts folks to update it.
  • While watching the local evening news, there was a story about a Fort Worth police officer saving a man from drowning in Lake Como.  It was a nice surprise to find out the officer was someone that was in my graduating class.  I was attracted to her back then, but she played for the other team, as Seinfeld would say.
  • Speaking of friends in my graduating class, one of my closest friends lives in Abilene.  After seeing footage of all the major flooding yesterday I decided to send him a text to see if he and his family were okay, but it turns out he’s out of the country on a mission trip.
  • The new season of ‘Mythbusters’ starts on Saturday, July 18.
  • U2 let a U2 tribute band get on stage with them and they all sang ‘Desire’ together.
  • New stand at Dallas Farmers Market takes ice cream to luxurious heights
  • Buzzfeed – Here’s 100 Of The Most Stylish Celeb Wedding Gowns Ever
  • Not sure if I like this idea of finding out about his past – ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff in the Works With ‘Lego Movie’ Directors 
  • I saw a wallaby on television last night which caused me to look up the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo.
  • Don’t shoot the messenger (see what I did there?) – Whataburger: No ‘open carry’ in our restaurants despite new Texas law
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Every Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman actor merged into each individual character
  • A new video promoting “201 Days of X-Files,” a re-airing of the original series ahead of its January return
  • What College Majors Are Most Likely to Marry Each Other?
  • I don’t care how much the show has changed, this is great news – Harry Shearer is back on ‘The Simpsons’
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, July 8, 2015

  1. RPM says:

    Wow. Do you always "out" heroic public servants? I'm very disappointed in you.

    • Geeding says:

      Mike, I’d normally brush off such a harsh comment, but I actually consider you a friend and value your opinion and respect your thoughts, seriously. Maybe I should provide a little context. It’s my understanding for one to out someone, that person would be trying to keep their homosexuality a secret. In this case, she’s very open about being gay, as she is very open about her engagement on Facebook and had an article written about her when she became the department’s liaison to the LGBT community (… ). Because of this, I don’t feel like I wronged her in any way. But if you still feel like I did, this can be a good learning experience for me if you’re willing to provide me some constructive feedback. As always, thanks for being a loyal reader and taking the time to comment from time to time.

      • RPM says:

        Keith, if she's open about her sexuality then I apologise. It just struck me as something being tossed out there that was probably very private info. None of the news stories I read or heard mentioned anything about it. Again, if she's openly LBGTwhatever, I apologise. I always read your blog first because of the lack of hate/spite and the good vibes. It just shocked me you threw that out there.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    – Me and the wife had the same undergrad major.
    – I'd hate to lose my google voice features and be forced to buy an overpriced Nexus 6. The price isn't that great with Fi anyway. Though the international roaming looks really cool if you travel a lot.
    – I'm on the $30/month T-mobile prepaid plan with 100 mins talk/unlimited text/unlimited data (throttled over 5GB), and I have no coverage issues in the DFW area. (coverage is terrible out in the country)
    – It seems like Mythbusters should have run out of myths about five or six seasons ago.
    – I don't want a Han Solo spinoff, nothing good can come out of it.

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