Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 27, 2015

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  • Yesterday my pastor stated he was about to preach his 1,578th sermon.
  • The start of last night’s ‘True Detective’ felt like a Hano Solo and Greedo moment.
  • Tatooine Disney logo
  • Market Study:  Propose Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX (PDF) – It’s interesting that the Hotel Galvez in Galveston is mentioned as it was also owned/leased by Theodore Baker, and rooms appear they will go for about $200 a night.  They think they can make about $5 million a year after expenses.  Many thanks to the loyal reader that tweeted this to me last night.
  • Theodore Bakers headstone reads, “Theodore Baker, Texas Hotel Tycoon Of 1920s, Is Dead”.  He certainly wasn’t the Texas Hotel Tycoon Conrad Hilton was.  Everything you’d want to know about Baker can be found here.
  • It’s all good with Supergirl eating a donut, who doesn’t like a donut? But I’m going to say it’s impossible for her to have pierced ears, it’s impossible to pierce her skin.  Perhaps the earrings have a magnetic backing or that’s not the real Supergirl.  That’s right CBS, we’re already fact checking you even before the series airs.
  • Last week I mentioned I have some friends who think the local news has an agenda against the Christian faith.  On Saturday, CBS11 had two stories that showcased Christianity in a positive light.  They showed footage of a few citizens and a couple of Maypearl police officers praying together in front of city hall in response to their police chief’s accusations of sexual assault with a teenage girl. The other story was about 200 people in Irving to pray for first responders.  The coverage doesn’t bother me, I don’t I think our local media has a negative bias about the Christian faith as I see these type of stories all the time as they hit a very large demographic in the area.
  • I’ve been catching bits and pieces of Ken Burns’ ‘The Dust Bowl’ that’s been replaying on PBS.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to convince farmers to change to new farming practices.  I’d imagine there was a lot of talk about how they will farm how they want because it’s their land and they can do what they want.
  • I’m not proud that that last bullet point had three sentences that started with “I”, and that that this sentence and also started with “I”.  There’s just a bit of over-I-ing going on.
  • The documentary also referenced a visit by President Roosevelt to Amarillo, and city organizers got together 3,000 people to play the “Eyes of Texas” to make up the “world’s largest band”.  One of the pictures was of the Hardin-Simmons “World Famous” Cowboy band.
  • Dallas Morning News‏ – What a difference eight years makes: Uptown, downtown Dallas’ dramatic change in photos
  • Pizza scissors
  • There’s a new reality show competition to find ‘America’s Next Weatherman’.
  • The Decline of Church Cookbooks (and Civilization)‏ – Church and community cookbooks, like Rodney Dangerfield, don’t get no respect. And they deserve some. They were and are a venerable fundraising scheme for churches, charities, clubs, or other non-profits that want to raise a few bucks. Community cookbooks go back decades, to the advent of inexpensive printing technology. 
  • They like to go rouge and keep it old school – Rogue Dairy Queen has been ignoring corporate HQ since 1949
  • ‏If Bill Cosby hasn’t canceled his subscription to “New York Magazine”, he has now.
  • Next time, give God your full attention by first parking the vehicle – Woman says praying behind the wheel caused car crash – Authorities said Perry blamed the accident on prayer. She said she had been going through some personal problems and was praying as she drove, occasionally with her head down.
  • When I think of BBQ beef brisket, I don’t think of Starbucks.
  • I’m fascinated by this picture of a 1968 Pontiac Catalina that was pulled from a lake last week.  I guess that it held human remains, may help in solving a murder, and has been underwater for 43 adds to the allure.
  • Things I learned driving a supercar for the first timeFive days with the McLaren 650S Spider made me feel things
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  1. RPM says:

    I'm all for restoring The Baker, but do they seriously think it will support $200 a night in Mineral Wells? Who is going to stay there? MW isn't exactly a 'destination' like it was when The Baker was built. I think they'll be lucky to break even on expenses.

    The Dust Bowl is just a fantastic documentary. We think times are hard now for us now and then. We ain't seen hard times.

  2. Jason says:

    I’like believe cops care enough to pray honestly when they pray for the victims of police brutality.

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