Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 13, 2015


  • We sent to Lone Star Park along with our closest neighborhood friends on Saturday night.  I broke even only because I didn’t wager, I just enjoyed the company.  One of my friends actually went back the next day and almost got hit by that car the police were chasing, and the car actually ended up in the eating area of Lone Star Park.  CBS11 asked permission to use his tweet of the picture he took of the cops inside the facility, but I never got around to watching the news to see if it made the broadcast.
  • When we got home from the horse races on Saturday night I couldn’t understand why I saw a new tweet on David Letterman’s Twitter account.  I then noticed the tweet referenced Steve Martin and Martin Short and chalked it up to some old picture being retweeted, but after looking at the attached pictured, I noticed Dave had one hell of a beard and it was a new tweet.  It turns out Martin and Short was doing a show in San Antonio, and of all places, that’s were Dave made his first on-stage appearance after retirement to read a Top Ten list about Donald Trump and then sit and chat with the duo about his childhood and parents, and he was kind enough to say some nice things about the Spurs and the city (you gotta play it up for the home crowd, Easy Cheers 101).  Considering who he was on stage with, I really loved Number Two.
  • A Taco Bell employee in California dropped off his Nissan 350Z at the dealership to get worked on, but later in the day while he was at work, he noticed his own car going through the drive-thru with two of their mechanics inside.
  • GIF – Speaking of fixing things in your car, here’s a solution for broken windshield wipers.
  • Buzzfeed – A Rafting Guide Saved A Baby Bear That Was Stranded By A River
  • ‘The Brink’ is a thousand times better than ‘Ballers’.
  • While trying to fall asleep the other night, I started to think of ways that the Hulk could be killed, and then it hit me, drowning.  However, a little research tells me I’m wrong because he has a special gland.  That link also informed me that Bruce Banner is only 5’9.5″, which means he’s a quarter of an inch taller than me.
  • I’m not so sure how much I believe the section in this article that mentions Ben Affleck ran into Christian Bale at a costume store while shopping for their kids and Bale giving Affleck a small but humorous piece of advice, “Make sure you can piss in that suit.”
  • Though I think it’s almost impossible to avoid any small spoilers in Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set A Watchman, which is a continuation of To Kill A Mockingbird, but was actually written before Mockingbird, this is what I want to post without giving anything away.
    • The Wall Street Journal has a very solid review of the book, and I think this one sentence from the review tells you all you need to know – Yet for the millions who hold that novel dear, “Go Set a Watchman” will be a test of their tolerance and capacity for forgiveness.
    • The Guardian has the first chapter available online, and it’s read to you by Reese Witherspoon, a spectacular choice.
  • Evangelical Pastors Gather To Learn Another Calling: Politics – Hundreds of conservative evangelical pastors across the country are being trained to run for political office. The project is part of an effort to mobilize an “army” to do battle in the culture wars.
  • It used to be skyscrapers was a way for big cities to “legitimize” themselves.  Today, I think it’s sporting venues.
  • Last night I saw a commercial for a toilet in which a woman was talking about how nobody likes skid marks.  We are getting closer and closer to Idiocracy.
  • Mexico’s most secure prison had their most famous inmate escape through a lighted and ventalated mile long tunnel. Seriously, if you were watching a movie which started off like that, you’d roll your eyes thinking how it wouldn’t even be plausible but was willing to curve believability for entertainment purposes.
  • Oklahoma tops Texas – Miss USA 2015 Winner Is Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan! Ylianna Guerra Miss Texas First Runner-Up!
  • Something for classic car lovers – Cuban car guys star in first US show shot entirely on the forbidden island
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 13, 2015

  1. The Donald says:

    Is it just me, or does bearded Dave look like a lighter incarnation of Ed Bradley?

  2. Top Predator says:

    "Go Set a Watchman" Is it possible to un-find something?

    "Hundreds of conservative evangelical pastors across the country are being trained to run for political office."____Oh boy [sigh]

  3. RPM says:

    The Brink is easily 100 times better than Ballers. Tim Robbins should win an Emmy for his performance.

    Conan shot an episode entirely in Cuba a few weeks ago that was pure greatness. Nobody knew who he was, just an extremely tall, extremely white and very loco American.

  4. RabidBoNFollower says:

    The article contradicts the headline to say that it was Miss Kentucky, not Miss Oklahoma. I'm too lazy to check the facts and see which it is, much like the Latin Times web writers.

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