Bag of Randomness for Friday, July 10, 2015


  • “Don’t do something permanently stupid when you’re temporarily upset.”
  • I had a pleasant surprise watching the season premiere of ‘Rectify’ last night, right after the show was the world premiere of U2’s short film ‘A Song for Someone’.  What’s strange is that the Sundance channel is not available in HD on DirecTV, however, the U2 short film was in HD on the Sundance channel while I was watching it on DirecTV, and then the channel stayed in HD.  Woody Harrelson was the star of the film along with his real life daughter.  The only other connection I know of Woody and U2 was when he introduced their Slain Castle concert when it aired on CBS.  Its about with him being released from prison, and he leaves with some very light colored acid-washed jeans, which made me think he had to be in the slammer for a while.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education – Losing Faith in Religious Higher EducationWhat happens when a seminary professor joins the religiously “unaffiliated”?
  • Religion and Politics – The King’s Chapel and the King’s Court: Richard Nixon, Billy Graham, and White House Church Services
  • Wired – Hey Look the Most Nightmarish Idea for Plane Seating Ever
  • DMN – Castle Hills private club unveils grass court to commemorate Wimbledon
  • “Years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe
  • GIF – The most impressive kicking of a phone book I’ve ever seen
  • While reading this Mental Floss article about the Army, this one part stood out – Soldiers who jump from airplanes wear Airborne wings. Those who rappel from helicopters wear Air Assault wings. Those who fly into space wear Astronaut wings. Colonel Douglas Wheelock wears all three. – When Wheelock returned to the Army, he later deployed to Afghanistan and flew thirty-eight aerial combat missions. And as much of a fan I am of presidential history, I totally forgot that Teddy Roosevelt, ten years after having served as president, volunteered for service in World War I.
  • Speaking of presidents, in Dallas, there was a two presidents for the price of one special – Former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton to speak at Bush Center Thursday night – Bush is making a funny face in this picturethis picture.
  • Speaking of Bush, he’s been in the news as of late charging $100,000 to speak at 2012 charity fundraiser for wounded veterans.  Immediately, conservative pundits starting to defend him stating that Bill and Hillary have charged for speaking engagement regarding funding for national disaster organizations or the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.  This is what’s frustrating about discussing politics, and both political parties are extremely guilty, but since this is current I’m just going to use it as an example.
    • First, the defending party thinks there’s something wrong, maybe immoral, just to say they are disappointed behind the person and their actions just because he or she is in their political party.  Hey, we shouldn’t think anyone is perfect, people make mistakes and bad judgement all the time, it’s about how they handle themselves after the fact that should be judged.
    • Second, they like to redirect the anger or tangent things out.  In this case, Bush was directly responsible for the wounds these veterans received because they were sent to battle on his orders.  President Clinton wasn’t directly responsible for creating a natural disaster (insert joke here), so it’s apple to oranges.  Yes, both charged speaking fees for charitable fundraising, but that’s not what is actually being addressed.  Both sides love to play the straw man card, and sadly, too many fall for it.
    • Third, and most importantly, just because someone is being critical of someone doesn’t mean he or she is stating their party is without any flaw.  People should just be able to judge a person and their activities on an individual and independent basis.  If I state the Philadelphia Eagles made a stupid trade, that doesn’t mean that as a Cowboys fan I think my team has never made a stupid trade, I just happen to opine about one specific action done by one specific team with no relation to anything else, I don’t think my team affiliation should be considered.
    • Man, it’s gonna be a long campaign season.
  • “At the end of the game the King and the Pawn go into the same box.”
  • Bonsai is an English bulldog puppy and one of the cutest things you’ll ever see.
  • i09 – Everything You Thought You Knew About Nic Cage’s Superman Film Is Wrong
  • GIF – Rat chases cat
  • Buzzfeed – The First Set Photos Of The New “Ghostbusters” Cast Have Arrived
  • “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.” ~ Stephen Covey
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Friday, July 10, 2015

  1. John Mackovic says:

    Teddy Roosevelt's son Ted Jr was also killed in WWI.

  2. Towski says:

    I've already decided to sit out any commenting on politics this election cycle. Just yesterday, a friend posted about Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (full disclosure, my fraternity brother Joe Dorman was her campaign opponent this year) stating that the three branches of government were the judicial, the legislature, and the people. Ok, pretty dumb, we can all agree, right? Nope. Immediately, she was barraged with "Obama said there are 57 states! He mispronounced Corpsman!" Etc, ad nauseam. Blergh.

  3. Susanne says:

    That cat-v-rat thing is just scary. And disgusting.

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